Valentine's 2024 Ètudes Perfume Oil

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Bourbon Espresso Martini
Fresh espresso, coffee liqueur and a shot of bourbon.

Angel food cake, angelica flowers, frankincense and myrrh atop clouds of whipped cream.

For Aphrodite
Sea foam, golden apples, pink roses, springs of freshly cut myrtle, glowing amber and sweet vanilla.

Lipstick & Bubblegum
Vintage lipstick accord of rose, violet and warm wax, with a kiss of sweet bubblegum.

Paper Doilies
Dry woods, fresh paper and a delicate, lacy vanilla.

Pistacia Vera
Pistachios and more pistachios! Dry roasted, lightly salted pistachios and sweet pistachio cream.

Ruby Matcha
Creamy matcha latte, fruity ruby chocolate accord and a bouquet of white jasmine flowers.

Sweet Mischief
Waffle cookies, fairy slipper orchid, sweet spun sugar and a dusting of fresh snow.


Sample Vial or 5ml Amber Glass Bottle

Proprietary fragrance blend, fractionated coconut oil