Single Note Descriptions


Almond Extract - Sharp strong almond.
Apple - Fresh red apple.
Apricot - Juicy sweet apricots.This isn't jam like, but more fresh.
Banana - Ripe and sweet yellow banana.
Bergamot - Bright clean citrus with a floral hint.
Black Pepper - Spicy and warm cracked black pepper.
Black Tea - Astringent, fresh and clean.
Blood Orange - Warm and jam like orange note, quite lovely.
Blueberry - Blueberries. Straight up.
Cardamom - Fresh cardamom pods.
Cucumber - Cool and refreshing green cucumber.
Dirt - Freshly dug earth.
Green Tea - A slightly floral, fresh, tea note.
Lemon- Freshly squeezed pure lemon juice scent.
Lychee - Sweet and tart tropical fruit with soft floral tones.
Mint - A blend of sweet peppermints straight from the garden.
Peach Skin - A creamy peach, but with a slight green hint to it.
Pineapple - Juicy, fresh cut pineapple.
Pink Grapefruit - Tart, fresh pink grapefruit juice.
Pomegranate - Tart fruit with a deep, wine-like aroma.
Red Mandarin - A warm and slightly bitter citrus with a very delicate floral touch to it.
Strawberry - Sweet and tart!
Thai Lime Leaf - This is a bright and citrusy green note.
Yellow Pear - Super juicy ripe pear. This note is spot on and true, it's fantastic.
Yuzu - A fresh but candy like grapefruit note. Mouthwateringly delicious.


Anise - This Egyptian variety smells like you picked up a handful of the seeds and took a whiff. It's very true and not in your face. Great blender.
Bitter Basil - By popular request! A delightfully true green basil note.
Bubble Gum - Strong, pink and classic. Just like the kind you get at Halloween!
Butterscotch - Smells just like butterscotch hard candies!
Cake! - Plain ol' white cake, yummy.
Carnation - Spicy strong carnation, a little green.
Chai - More tea and cream than spice.
Chamomile - Sweet, hay, tea and apple like note. Very soothing.
Chocolate - Simple bittersweet chocolate.
Chrysanthemum - A delicate pale floral.
Cinnamon Sugar - No red hots here! This is sweet and warm, almost borders on burnt sugar. Think toast, with cinnamon sugar and butter. Very nice.
Clove - Warm clove buds, somewhat sweet.
Coconut - Creamy coconut flake.
Coffee - Fresh brewed coffee with an undertone of dark cocoa.
Cotton Candy - The nostalgic scent of fluffy spun sugar.
Eucalyptus Wood - An unusual wood note. This isn't like the typical nasal decongestant that many associate eucalyptus with. This is clean, cool, smooth and woody. Pairs well with green notes, citrus, fruits, resins and herbs.
Fern - Very green and sap like note. Similar to freshly cut grass.
Fig - The lovely scent of sweet, ripe figs.
Gardenia - Soft and creamy, classic white floral.
Ginger - Warm, sweet ginger root.
Hazelnut Cream - This is like a hazelnut coffee creamer. It's nutty and creamy.
Honeysuckle - Bright and sweet, very true to real honeysuckle.
Hyacinth - Sweet and classic spring hyacinth.
Jasmine - True classic jasmine, sultry and heady.
Lavender - Calm and somewhat sweet, not at all medicinal.
Leaf Pile - Slightly spicy, dry leafy note.
Leather - Well worn leather.
Lilac - Classic blooming lilac bush.
Lily of the Valley - A little powdery, lovely soft white floral.
Magnolia - Freshly cut white magnolia flowers. Slightly lemony.
Marshmallow - Not toasted. Plain and simple right out of the bag marshmallow.
Ocean Air - Crisp and fresh with hints of salt.
Orange Blossom - Fresh, bold and creamy white floral.
Peony - Sweet pink peony petals.
Pink Lotus - An exotic floral with a slight milky tone.

Pistachio - A creamy, sweetened pistachio accord featured in our popular Pistachio Cake scent!
Pumpkin - Sweet pumpkin flesh.
Rain - A nod to the beginning of the Pacific Northwest rainy season. A damp ozone note.
Rose - Soft, elegant and sophisticated. A classic rose note. 
Sage - Green and herbaceous, lends a calming feel to blends and can help tone down sweetness.

Sweet Pea - Delicate and sweet watery floral.
Thyme - Strong and very much like the herb. Has a strange affinity to fruits and berries.
Tomato Leaf - Sun warmed and freshly rubbed tomato leaf with earthy undertones.
Tuberose - Heady and almost tropical in feel, tuberose is a unique floral fragrance.
Violet - Dewy and powdery floral.
Ylang Ylang - A beautiful and classic yellow floral note. This particular variety has great depth.



Beeswax and Honey - And it's vegan! Sweet, warm and waxy.
Brown Sugar - Just as it says! Warm brown sugar.
Caramel - Buttery and rich with hints of burnt sugar.
Cashmere - Warm, snuggly and slightly sweet. Very comforting.
Cedarwood - No pencil shavings! Lovely true and deep cedarwood.
Clean Musk - Light, clean and clear musk. Like skin, but better.
Dark Patchouli - Aged 5 years! Rich, earthy and dark.
Dragons Blood - A blood-red resinous blend.
Frankincense - Soft and incense like. This variety lends brightness to blends and works harmoniously with citrus notes.
Golden Amber - Sultry and warm amber accord.
Hemlock Spruce - Reminiscent of standing in a coniferous forest.
Honey - Sweet, warm, and rich golden honey. Vegan!
Labdanum - Balsamic, sweet, resinous. Reminiscent of incense and amber.
Mahogany - Deep, rich wood note. Borders on spicy.
Nag Champa - Same as the Nag in our Cozy Sweater. A classic incense note. You know the smell!
Oakmoss - Green, musky and dark.
Red Musk - A blend of musk and incense notes. 
Sandalwood - A warm and sophisticated blend of white and red sandalwood.
Sweet Cream - Creamy, clean and faintly sweet. Pairs well with fruits, musk, amber and wood - but don't let that limit your imagination!
Tobacco - Warm tobacco accord with hints of sweet vanilla.
Tonka - Creamy and somewhat hay like.
Vanilla Bean - Pure and plain vanilla. No bakery or buttery feel to it, similar to vanilla extract.
Vetiver - Very distinctive dark, dry earthy note.
White Vanilla Sugar - Vanilla infused sugar with a somewhat dry feel to it. 
White Amber - A softer, lighter amber accord with a hint of white musk.
White Oak - A pale white oak wood note, tinged with vanilla.
Woodsmoke - Rich, dry woodsmoke.