Perfume Made For You

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Custom perfume, made for you! You choose up to four single note fragrances, we blend, pour them into a 5ml amber bottle and package your personal creation into a small box. 

I recommend at least one each of: top, middle and base notes. The fourth note can be whatever you want. You don't even have to follow the classic guideline of, top, mid and base either. The choice is yours. One base note is recommended for longevity of wear, as the base notes act as an anchor for the top and middle notes. If you compose your perfume with all top notes, your perfume will not last long and will require very frequent application.

This is just a rough guideline and I urge you to be as creative as possible! Orders with custom perfumes should expect 6-7 additional days of processing time due to the extra labor involved with custom blending. Have fun!

Please contact us here if you have any questions about your blend.

*Please note: Orders containing custom perfume cannot be canceled or refunded due to the nature of the product.



Single Note Descriptions