Product Guide

What is the difference between the emulsifying scrub and bubbling scrub?

The emulsifying scrub is used for both exfoliation and moisturization, as it leaves a light layer of beneficial oils on your skin after rinsing off. The bubbling scrub is completely clean rinsing and can be used in the place of soap.

Vegan Factor:

Haus of Gloi is owned by two vegans devoted to the lifestyle, and we believe that our lifestyle should extend into our business. Should you have any questions at all about our ingredients, simply contact us and we'd be happy to address your concerns.

What about "honey" fragrances?

All of our "honey" or "beeswax" notes are completely synthetic and are often used to represent the dark, sticky sweet notes you will find in our blends. Rest assured, if it was real we wouldn't use it!

My XYZ soap doesn't smell like XYZ perfume/scrub/etc:

Saponification can beat the heck out of a fragrance blend! Depending on the fragrance blend the soap scent can vary from its more scent concentrated cousin products. Some notes just simply cant hold up to the rigors of cold process soap making, so we avoid soaping those particular fragrances and offering them in our wide range of product types.

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