Spring Surprise Perfume Oils

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Bergamot & Fresh Linens

Crisp line-dried linens complimented by bright bergamot citrus.

Daffodils & Dandelions

Sunny spring florals with hints of fresh green notes.

Strawberry Sugar Cookie

Classic sugar cookies enhanced with tart strawberry purée.

White Chocolate & Matcha

Earthy green tea powder swirled into creamy white chocolate.

Essence of the Forest (inspired by Stardew Valley)

A mysterious green brew from the wizard’s tower! Ferns, moss, toadstools and a hint of caramel - all thrown together in a bubbling cauldron.

Starfruit Wine (inspired by Stardew Valley)

Top shelf fruit wine from the valley! Golden Chardonnay enhanced with sweet starfruit.


Sample Vial or 5ml Amber Glass Bottle


Proprietary fragrance blend, fractionated coconut oil.