Cyber Monday Room and Linen Spray

$7.00 $10.00

Room and Linen Sprays are a great way to disburse scent  throughout your environment. These potent sprays shouldn't be sprayed in the eyes or on pets but otherwise feel free to get creative. Spray linens, a favorite plushie, curtains, or pillows - anywhere you would like to give the atmosphere a pick-me-up. 



His SweaterA well worn woolen sweater infused with brisk outdoor air, a hint of incense and clean skin musk. Accompanied by three woods and a root: western red cedar heartwood, hawthorn accord and Japanese hiba with a touch of calamus root.

TannenbaumFir boughs, deep woods, airy lichens and cold wintery air.

Mama's HausA comforting blend of amber, orange kissed jasmine, egyptian musk, incense,  and sweet patchouli. 

Silver BellsSnow covered melon, white lily, sparkling resins, and a blade of frost covered lemongrass. 



4oz bottle 



Distilled water, polysorbate 20, proprietary blend of fragrance and essential oils, phenoxyethanol (and) caprylyl glycol


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