Women's History Month Scent List

Pumpkin Butter, Bubble Scrub, Whip Soap, Sugar Exfoliant, Soy Wax Tarts, Bath Dust:

Amelia - Coconut cream, vanilla bean, and a squeeze of fresh pineapple juice. 

Mary - Vanilla cake with strawberry and yuzu and a drizzle of ginger glaze. 

Lola - Lotus blossom, fig, a thread of incense and two vanillas. 

Ursula - Chocolate covered patchouli, dark sandalwood, oakmoss, and blackened resins. 

Betty - A medley of jasmine, mint, and lavender teas paired with a gooey marshmallow. 

Abigail - Velvety red rose with dragon's blood and dark musks. 



Susan - Sandalwood, lavender, and sweet rose.  

Mercedes - Rosewood and warm coriander. 

Catherine - Oakmoss, vanilla musk, and rich opium. 

Margaret - Raspberry laced patchouli and a dollop of orange blossom honey. 


Atmosphere Spray:

Esther - Juicy peach, ripe pomegranate, and warm leather. 

Marie - Ylang ylang, bright jasmine, and vanilla.  

Marian - Clove kissed patchouli, sweet tobacco, and glowing incense. 

Norma - Fluffy marshmallow, a wreath of violets, and fresh lychee.