Vault List Spring 2019

Pumpkin & Lavender:
Sweet raw pumpkin and Buena Vista Lavender.

Spiced Cocoa:
Hot cuppa cocoa spiked with wintery spices.

Sweet Pumpkin Chai (original formula):
Hot frothy milk, black tea, chai and pumpkin spices mixed with golden brown pumpkin syrup.

Banana Puddin':
Classic banana pudding with a touch of bourbon vanilla. Slightly soggy vanilla wafers included.

Cranberry #1:
Oceanic pine, rubbed sage leaf, thyme, cedarwood and tart red cranberry.

Lavender Elixir:
A soothing blend of lavender, sandalwood, white tea, and neroli blossoms.

Violet Elixir:
Sweet violets, fresh grass, petitgrain, and bergamot.

Bundle Of Switches:

Juniper Chocolate:

Peppermint Cocoa:

Grandpa's Cocoa:

Lumps Of Coal:


Haus Amber at Daybreak:
Light, fresh, effortless. Haus Amber, black tea with a splash of milk, and a small bouquet of fresia and sweetpea flowers.

Haus Amber at Midday:
Gourmand, cheerful, uplifting. Haus Amber with a slice of pear infused yellow cake and a drop of chamomile.

Haus Amber at Dusk:
Mysterious, voluptuous, heady. Haus Amber, antique sandalwood, bruised violet, and shadowy wisteria.

Haus Amber at Midnight:
Dark, sensual, spicy. Haus Amber, smooth patchouli, sweet resins, with exotic woods and spices.


Vanilla Rapscallion:
Warm brown leather, vanilla, a thread of woodsmoke, and a shot of oak aged bourbon.  

Vanilla Garden:
Ripe strawberries, damp soil, vanilla, and sun warmed tomato vines.

Vanilla Decadence:
Dark chocolate, vanilla, and a glass of red wine.

Vanilla Caravan:
Allspice leaf, nutmeg, vanilla, ginger, clove bud, a splash of black coffee and a thread of frankincense incense.

Vanilla Rococo:
White musk, powdery sandalwood, orris, vanilla, and a pale pink rose.

Vanilla Oasis:
Dry grasses, dried fig, vanilla, sweet almond, and preserved lemon.

Vanilla Tranquility:


Black Musk & Autumn Woods:
Black musk swirling through a forest of autumn woods.

Black Musk & Fallen Leaves:
Black musk tumbled into a pile of crunchy fallen leaves.

Black Musk, Lavender & Ylang Ylang:
Black musk, fresh lavender, and sultry ylang ylang.

Black Musk & Nag Champa:
Black musk intertwined with nag champa incense.


Strawberry Ginger Fizz:
Ripe strawberry, sweet ginger syrup, and dry champagne.

Rose Champagne:

Sparkling Apple Cider:

Blood Orange Mimosa:


Chocolate Pumpkin:
Glowing pumpkin coated in a layer of glossy chocolate.

Chocolate Orange Patchouli:
Chocolate with bright orange and smooth patchouli, perfect for the autumn season.

Whiskey Truffle:
Perfectly smooth chocolate ganache spiked with whiskey.

Chocolate Hazelnut Latte:
A shot of chocolate hazelnut syrup in freshly brewed latte.

Chocolate Tobacco Caramel:
Chocolate with chewy blond tobacco drizzled with caramel.


Lemon Almond Biscotti:
Zesty lemon and smooth almond in buttery biscotti.

Oatmeal, Apple, and Walnut Cookie:
Chunks of apples and walnuts in a hardy oatmeal cookie.

Spice Cookie:
Brown sugar, red ginger, clove, and honey.

Pomegranate Punch:
Pomegranate punch with a splash of pineapple juice and a bottle of fizzy lime soda.

Haus Wine:


Cozy Orange:
Cozy Sweater + bright juicy orange.

Cozy Marshmallow:
Cozy Sweater + fluffy white marshmallows.

Cozy Caramel:
Cozy Sweater + a generous spoonful of sticky caramel.

Cozy Cranberry:
Cozy Sweater + sweet cranberry relish.

Cozy Leather:
Cozy Sweater + soft worn leather.

Cozy Tea:
Cozy Sweater + a steaming cup of black tea


Fig and Patchouli:
Fig with rich, aged patchouli.

Fig and Ginger:
Fig with zesty ginger.

Fig and Tobacco:
Fig with chewy vanilla tobacco


Jasmine Honey:
Heady jasmine flowers with an accompaniment of thick, rich honey.

Honey B:
Honey infused with clary sage and a few drops of palo santo.

Honeyed Tobacco:
Thick, rich, sweet, syrupy. Chewy vanilla tobacco soaked in honey.


Lavender Bouquet:

Lavender Honey:
Thick, rich honey infused with lavender.

Lavender Mojito:
Muddled mint and lavender syrup with rum and a squirt of lime.


Marshmallow Woodsmoke:
Fresh marshmallows enveloped by curls of campfire smoke. .


Winter Rain:
Freezing rain, precious resins, glowing beeswax, and white amber.


Bakery Orange:
Orange with notes of gingermilk, caramel, and fresh baked bread.

Blossoming Orange:
Orange with neroli, elemi, and mimosa flower.  

Coffee House Orange:
Orange with hints of anise, fresh brewed coffee, rich mahogany, and a sugar cookie.

Equatorial Orange:
Orange, fresh coconut milk, and honeyed jasmine.

Incense Orange:
Orange with nag champa incense, rose, and white champa flower.  

Spicy Orange:
Orange with fresh ginger, chai spices, lychee fruit, and peaches.

Terra Orange:
Orange with patchouli, cardamom, dirt, and a few drops of chamomile.


Leather & Dirt:
Cast aside in the heat of the moment, leather and fresh turned soil.

Leather & Ylang Ylang:
Steamy and sultry, leather and hot house ylang ylang.

Leather & Rain:
Wandering the city streets on a stormy day, rain dampened leather.

Leather & Black Pepper:
Taking dark and brooding to a darker, broodier level. Flagrantly dark and dangerous.

Leather & Dandelion:
Leather says, "I'm tough." Dandelion says, "I'm full of surprises." Together they'll never know what to expect.

Leather & Buttercream:
Wearing a leather jacket with an armload of buttercream covered cupcakes. Who can say no?

Leather & Dry Grasses:
A little mysterious, leather and dry sweetgrass.

Leather & Vice:
Leather accord blended with our General Catalog fragrance Vice.


Strawberry Fields
Like standing in a field of strawberries. Sun warmed strawberries, fresh turned earth, and sun dappled green leaves.

Strawberry Mama
Peach Mama's cousin! Lovely red strawberries with resinous incense and a splash of patchouli.

Strawberry Black Bottom Pie
Strawberry pie filling in a buttery chocolate graham cracker crust.

Strawberry Summer
The scent of my childhood summers. Strawberries picked from the garden, a smear of coconut sunscreen, a square of banana taffy, a gloop of sticky marshmallow and a whiff of fresh rose.

Strawberry Musk
A warm musky blend of amber and sandalwood grounds bright tart strawberry.

Strawberry Sparkle
Fizzy and bright! Sparkling wine with strawberry slices, white ginger flower, and gardenia petals.

Picnic Basket:

Honey Fig Compote:
Ripe fig straight off the tree with a kiss of honey.

Coconut Cheesecake:
Decadently rich cheesecake with coconut cream and graham cracker crust.

Sweet Tea:
Strong brewed black tea and a large helping of simple syrup.

Apricot Peach Preserves:
Easy and sweet.  Apricot and fresh peaches.

Berry Cobbler:
Blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, and huckleberries with a buttery biscuit top.

Cucumber Lime Spritzer:
So refreshing! Cucumber and lime juice with fizzy club soda.

Lemon Cake with Strawberries and Ginger:
Lemon drenched pound cake with a ginger infused strawberry topping

Pineapple Plum Tart with Black Pepper Meringue:
Fresh pineapples and plums with black pepper meringue

Haus Nogs:

Apple Ginger 'Nog

Blood Orange 'Nog

Almond Mocha 'Nog

Pumpkin 'Nog


Bourbon Peach Cake

German Chocolate Cake

Linen & Lace

Banana J. Foster Cake

Champagne Cake

Candy Bowl:

Coconut BonBon:

Licorice Chew:


Iced Chocolate:

Dark chocolate powdered with glittering ice.

Iced Earth:
Rich loamy earth blanketed in frost.
Iced Herbs:
Bright aromatic rosemary and garden herbs touched by hoarfrost.
Iced Lily:
Perfect white calla lilies dusted in a layer of cold snow.
Iced Resin:
Sweet Frankincense with a pinch of Cuban tobacco veiled with a layer of ice.
Iced Vanilla:
Pure, rich vanilla spun with slushy snow.
Iced Woods:
Cedarwood and antique sandalwood lashed with cold winter sleet.