Haus Birthday info page

It's hard to believe, but it's been TEN WHOLE YEARS since we opened up the Haus!

Matt takes the reins! As the Haus member with the most seniority this collection has been directed by Matt. Jen stepped back from curating the release and simply produced the products and fragrances Matt chose. He's been fielding your customer service questions and concerns for a decade now, so he's sure to know what it is you love about Haus of Gloi. Hopefully you've noticed the face lift to the website and newsletter which Matt has been working so hard on lately. We hope you enjoy the freshened up look and this collection.

We are incredibly grateful to the wonderful customers who have made this possible and are excited to announce our best anniversary celebration ever, coming to the shop on Friday May 3rd!

It might be our anniversary, but we are bringing the party to you with a selection of our most popular cake fragrances from the last decade as well as a new Green Tea based scent to balance out all of that lovely cakey goodness!  You can read the scent lineup below:


Pumpkin Butter/Bubbling Scrub/Sugar Exfoliant/Whipped Soap/Room & Linen Spray/Perfume Oil/Solid Perfume:

Almond Caramel Espresso Cake
Fluffy cake with espresso frosting, toasted almonds, and a caramel drizzle.

Banana J. Foster Cake
Vanilla cake loaded up with ripe bananas soaked in whiskey.

Bourbon Peach Cake
Golden cake covered in bourbon soaked peaches and brown sugar.

Champagne Cake
Light and airy white cake with bubbly champagne mixed in.

Lavender Pear Anise Cake
Dense cake filled with chopped pears topped with a scattering of lavender buds and crushed anise seeds.

Linen and Lace
Soft, white, clean linen with a touch of vanilla.

Haus Birthday
Wild Cascadian huckleberries, butter cream frosting, clove spiced cake and wisps of incense all grounded into a base of our Haus Amber.

Green Tea & Honey
Bright green tea infused with mint and drizzled with golden honey. 

Soy Wax Candle:

Haus Birthday

Body Powder:

Haus Birthday

Bar Soap:

Haus Birthday

Lip Balm:

Pink rose lip tint

And last, but most definitely not least, we will be releasing a very special “Memory Box” set of perfumes in a collectible metal tin.  These sets will be limited to only 50 tins and will be individually hand numbered.  The theme for this set is memories and nostalgia as we look back on ten years of creating evocative scents and the best darn Vegan bath and body products you can buy.  We will be announcing the full scent lineup for this set in the near future, so be sure to stay tuned.