Fall Scent List

Ghost Puffs 
Orbs of buttery popcorn and marshmallow goo, presented on a wooden stick.

Samhain II 
Freshly turned earth, wet leaves, and a cool specter ridden wind! 

You've been bewitched! Brackish amber, aged vanilla bean and three dark fruits, veiled in darkness and otherworldly secrecy.

Olde Cider Haus 
Old oak, sweet drying hay fields, crushed apple pulp and vanilla husks.

Pumpkin Queen 
Gentle hay pillows, pumpkin, ripe peaches dusted with clove and nutmeg, dried summer herbs and lastly, a lovely crown of amber.
Pumpkin Eater
Cream, glowing pumpkin, rich vanilla bean and the tiniest touch of nutmeg butter.  
Persephone's Decent 
Pomegranate, pale musk, narcissus blossom and black amber.

Spider Silk 
Procured from a dream: delicate water mint, wispy grey musk, crystalline webs of amber, oakmoss, torchwood, copaiba resin, and a touch of withered violet leaf.
The Horseman
Autumnal forest and wood, distant fire, smooth saddle leather, brown musk and the lingering scent of a dark gentleman's cologne on a black woolen coat.