Greatest Hits Winter 2017 Scent List

Black Musk and Smoked Violets - Black musk and smoke tinged violet petals.

Cozy Marshmallow - Cozy Sweater + fluffy white marshmallows.

Jasmine Honey - Heady jasmine flowers with an accompaniment of thick, rich honey.

Marshmallow Blackberry - Fluffy Marshmallow and sweet, ripe blackberries.

Pain au Chocolate - Flaky layers of buttery bread with a gooey chocolate center. 

Spice Cookie - Brown sugar, red ginger, clove, and honey. 


The B sides, available as perfume only

Marshmallow Woodsmoke - Fresh marshmallows enveloped by curls of campfire smoke.
Chocolate Hazelnut Latte - A shot of chocolate hazelnut syrup in freshly brewed latte. 

Black Musk and Autumn Woods  - Black musk swirling through a forest of autumn woods.

Rosewater Sugar Cookie - Sugar cookie with rosewater and a sugared rose petal on top

Honey B - Dedicated to Britton, my friend and mentor. Honey infused with clary sage and a few drops of palo santo.

Cozy Tea - Cozy Sweater + a steaming cup of black tea