Vacation in a bottle! Let your nose transport you to another place, another time.

Summer Vacation - Fresh cucumber, sparkling lemon, a squeeze of lime, heady jasmine, and sultry ylang ylang.

Winter Vacation - Warm oatmeal cookie with cranberry and currants.

Spring Vacation - Sweet tonka, fluffy marshmallow, ripe strawberry and pastel sweet pea flowers.

Autumn Vacation - Cozy amber, pink carnation, dry leaves, and a slice of pumpkin pie.

Chocolate Shop - A blend of milk and dark chocolates, brown sugar, a shot of hazelnut coffee liquor, and a sprig of rosemary.

Pacific Northwest Cabin - Cedarwood, Fir boughs, oakmoss, driftwood, campfire coffee, a drizzle of rain and a thread of woodsmoke.
Tiki Hut - Tropical coconut, big chunks of fresh pineapple, a slice of mango, tahitian vanilla, and slosh of dark rum.

Incense Market - Nag champa, frankincense, dragon's blood, and myrrh resins, aged patchouli, and a pinch of fresh tobacco.