The Ghastly Gathering

Marzipan Pumpkin - Vanilla pumpkin marzipan with just a drop of nutmeg.  
Cursed Wine - Ruby red wine touched with honey and warm spices.  
Moonlight Masquerade - Black amber musk, dry leaves, dusky lavender and a wisp of incense.  
Shadow Fairy - Green musk, golden oud, a drop of dragon's blood, and a dish of cream sitting beside a mushroom fairy ring.  
Graveyard Cake - Milk soaked cake with maple buttercream frosting, white funeral lily, and a pinch of sweet tobacco.  
Goblin Party- Oatmeal stout, pink peppercorn, a puff of gunpowder, and soft brown leather.  
Cauldron Bubble - Creamy vanilla birch beer. Fizzy and sweet! 
Forbidden Forest - Deep dark woods, bewitching brown musk, a tendril of wood-smoke, and rustling black leaves.
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