Spring Surprise Perfume Sampler Set

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This set includes one vial of each of the following perfume oil scents:

Bergamot & Fresh Linens

Crisp line-dried linens complimented by bright bergamot citrus.

Daffodils & Dandelions

Sunny spring florals with hints of fresh green notes.

Strawberry Sugar Cookie

Classic sugar cookies enhanced with tart strawberry purée.

White Chocolate & Matcha

Earthy green tea powder swirled into creamy white chocolate.

Essence of the Forest (inspired by Stardew Valley)

A mysterious green brew from the wizard’s tower! Ferns, moss, toadstools and a hint of caramel - all thrown together in a bubbling cauldron.

Starfruit Wine (inspired by Stardew Valley)

Top shelf fruit wine from the valley! Golden Chardonnay enhanced with sweet starfruit.




6 sample vials



Proprietary fragrance blend, fractionated coconut oil.