Orange Perfumes

The Orange accord I created as the base for these blends are a mixture of sweet orange and blood orange with vanilla and sandalwood. 

Bakery Orange
Orange with notes of gingermilk, caramel, and fresh baked bread. 

Blossoming Orange
Orange with neroli, elemi, and mimosa flower.  

Coffee House Orange
Orange with hints of anise, fresh brewed coffee, rich mahogany, and a sugar cookie. 

Equatorial Orange
Orange, fresh coconut milk, and honeyed jasmine. 

Incense Orange
Orange with nag champa incense, rose, and white champa flower.  

Sparkling Orange
Orange with bright pink grapefruit, golden copal, fresh lemon, and a twist of lime. 

Spicy Orange
Orange with fresh ginger, chai spices, lychee fruit, and peaches. 

Terra Orange
Orange with patchouli, cardamom, dirt, and a few drops of chamomile.