Leather Perfumes

Leather & Buttercream - Wearing a leather jacket with an armload of buttercream covered cupcakes. Who can say no?

Leather & Dirt - Cast aside in the heat of the moment, leather and fresh turned soil.

Leather & Ylang Ylang - Steamy and sultry, leather and hot house ylang ylang.

Leather & Rain - Wandering the city streets on a stormy day, rain dampened leather.

Leather & Black Pepper - Taking dark and brooding to a darker, broodier level. Flagrantly dark and dangerous.

Leather & Dandelion - Leather says, “I’m tough.” Dandelion says, “I’m full of surprises.” Together they’ll never know what to expect.

Leather & Dry Grasses - A little mysterious, leather and dry sweetgrass.

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