Haus Amber Perfumes

Haus Amber Birthday blends are back! These lovelies are made with special premium ingredients and have been aging for two months. These blends are made in very limited quantities, so get them while they last.   

Haus Amber at Daybreak
Light, fresh, effortless. Haus Amber, black tea with a splash of milk, and a small bouquet of fresia and sweetpea flowers. 

Haus Amber at Midday 
Gourmand, cheerful, uplifting. Haus Amber with a slice of pear infused yellow cake and a drop of chamomile. 

Haus Amber at Dusk 
Mysterious, voluptuous, heady. Haus Amber, antique sandalwood, bruised violet, and shadowy wisteria. 

Haus Amber at Midnight 
Dark, sensual, spicy. Haus Amber, smooth patchouli, sweet resins, with exotic woods and spices. 

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