Candy Bowl Perfume Oils

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Candy bowl is back... Dip your hand into the bowl and grab your favorites as quickly as you can! Also great for layering!

Banana Taffy- Warm vanilla taffy with an artificial banana kick. 

Candy Corn - Simple, but irresistibly delicious candy corn.

Cherry Bomb - Tart wild cherry and pure white sugar.

Chocolate Marshmallow - How do you make a fluffy, puffy, perfect marshmallow even better? Marshmallows lovingly dusted with a layer of cocoa powder. 

Pumpkin Cake Pops - Just that, lightly spiced pumpkin cake orbs with frosting.

Pink Bubblegum - Bright pink bubblegum happiness. 

Salted Caramel 
 - Caramel flecked with coarse sea salt.

Vanilla Taffy - Simple taffy, vanilla flavored. This blend contains vanilla co2 extract.

Boo! - Crushed red fruits, blood orange slices studded with clove, ripe apple, vanilla bean pods, and golden honey all aged in a barrel of oak. 

Caramel Apple - Sweet warm caramel and tart apple.

Coconut Bon Bon -
Chewy, buttery balls of vanilla soaked coconut. 

Espresso Bean -
Dark roasted espresso beans enrobed in dark chocolate. 

Pomegranate Smoke - Juicy pomegranate pearls, crumbled dry leaves, and a wisp of woodsmoke.

Smashed Pumpkin - The scent of an extinguished flame, fractured pumpkin rind, and a melted beeswax candle, ground into damp soil. 

Sugar Pumpkin - Pumpkin puree with two big scoops of white and brown sugar. 

Sweet Violets - Just like the old fashioned violet candies.


5ml amber glass bottle


Proprietary blend of essential and perfume oils, fractionated coconut oil.

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