A Love Story

A Love Story

The feeling of a belly full of butterflies in smell form! Freshly cracked coconut, a squeeze of fresh lime juice, a jolt of wasabi, cool cucumber, and a slice of banana. 

Flirty Face
Giddy smiles across steaming cups of coffee at the coffee shop. Salted caramel latte with a whiff of fresh baked goods and wooden furniture. 

Date Night
A warm, slightly animalistic skin smell that says, "come closer." Deep amber, a drizzle of maple, a bit of brown sugar, and red cedar. 

31 Kisses
Woo-Hoo! Electrified strawberry, a snap of wild cherry, smooth cream soda, and a little bit of sugar. 

The Stars Align
The cosmic forces have brought you together, rejoice! Clean crystalline musk, sweet fig, and the winds of change blowing through the trees. 

Is it getting hot in here? Red musk, fiery dragon's blood, red rose petals, a pop of pomegranate, sweet ginger, a tiny touch of clove, and the smallest dab of sultry patchouli. 

You're My Favorite
A scent for cuddling up and being cozy. Warm mahogany, red sandalwood, a soft cashmere blanket, with a bit of allspice, bay, black pepper and a drop of calamus. 

Happily Ever After
Celebrating life together. White vanilla anniversary cake with blackberry filling, and decorated with sugared lavender buds. 

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