Remodel Update

We've remodeled the website! You've all given us a lot of great feedback on ways we could make the website easier to shop and we've done our best to listen.

Products have been moved to individual listings - no more fussing with drop down menus, plus you can browse larger selections of products. Want to just shop all available perfumes at once? We have you covered. Not sure what collection a particular scent is in? Just type the scent name in the search page and instantly get listings for all products available in that fragrance. Have a favorite note? Enter it in the search page and get results for all scents that have that note!

The Portland Collection has been reorganized as well! We realized that the Neighborhoods were confusing, so collections have been renamed by themes:







Or, it you prefer, you can shop all 30 scents on one main page!

As a thank you for all of your feedback and suggestions, we would like to offer a FREE SAMPLE SET from the 6 themed sets listed above for all orders $30 or more this weekend (3/15-3/17). Just leave a note during checkout with your choice!

Last but not least, we've added links to the scent list pages - now you can go directly to the scent you want - no more hunting around collection pages.

We've made a whole bunch of changes behind the scenes of the site as well and we are excited about being able to serve you all better!

PS - We are all human, and sometimes we miss a thing or two when undertaking a big project. The Haus would love your help debugging the shop and since we have some pretty sharp customers - we hope you can help. If you find a glitch or typo on the new listings - send us a screen shot at and we will send you a coupon code for free shipping on your next order as a thank you!!