Valentine's At The Haus!

Valentine's At The Haus!

We are pleased to announce the lineup for our 2021 Valentine's Collection! Many of your favorites are returning along with two all new fragrances! Don't wait for your sweetie to get the hint - treat yourself at the Haus!

Perfume Oil, Eau De Parfum, Pumpkin Butter, Hair Oil, Whipped Soap, Bubbling Scrub and Sugar Exfoliants:

Come Hither
Based off of traditional herbs and roots used in Hoodoo to draw and attract a lover, or entice the one you've already ensnared! Bourbon vanilla, tonka bean, a touch of rose oil, Queen Elizabeth (orris) root, saffron and a touch of honey to sweeten the whole deal.

Cozy Rose
Cozy Sweater and our Rose City blended together harmoniously.

Bliss (New!)
Tropical coconut, gingermilk and fresh orange over a large slice of yellow cake.

Faunus (New!)
Dark chocolate, warm vanilla sugar, fir needle and aged patchouli.

First Blush
Tahitian vanilla bean, white tea, lavender and peach.

Black leather, red musk, and red rose petals.

Rich vanilla, heady incense and a trace of red wine.

Who Needs Love
A mahogany box filled with chocolaty orbs, coated in crystallized coffee, filled with a pomegranate and raspberry filling.  With something this decadent, who needs love?

Perfume Only:

Lily Cake
Creamy white cake, lily of the valley, and exotic white ginger.

Dank Chocolate

Bitter chocolate, blood orange, patchouli, labdanum, a dark ruddy amber and benzoin.


Love Potion
Jasmine, Ylang Ylang & Rose

Turkish Mocha & Red Musk

Pink Carnation & Sugar Cookie

Sweet Yellow Cake & Buttercream Frosting

Champagne & Strawberries
A truly classic Valentine's combination

Sugared Roses
Red rose petals dusted with sparkling sugar.

Chocolate Milk
A perfect blend of rich chocolate & milk.

Handmade Soap:

Chocolate Truffle
Vanilla Amber
Cherry Pie

Our Valentine's collection will be live in the shop at 9am Pacific on Sunday 1/24!  We hope to see you there!
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