Return of the Haus blog!

Return of the Haus blog!


Hello all,

James here...I just want to make a quick note to let you all know that we've revived the Haus blog! We're calling it "Haus Herald" and it will be authored by yours truly!

The purpose of the Haus Herald is to focus on things that are not directly related to Haus of Gloi specifically, but to spotlight the geographical and cultural aspects that have gone into the growth and success of the company. Additionally this goes along with our ongoing effort to highlight the city of Portland and the Pacific Northwest as the backdrop for our brand. Expect stories and blurbs about the various neighborhoods in Portland and the expansive natural beauty of the region. We'll also dive into the social, cultural and culinary happenings of the Portland area. The things that make the city and surrounding area a unique and interesting place to live and work.

Of course there will be postings here about Haus products and seasonal releases from time to time. And I'd be remiss in my duties if I didn't put my own personal spin on things. That may entail sharing photos of my cat being goofy, hehe. I'm looking forward to sharing all of the above with you in the coming months and beyond!

Lastly just a quick reminder that the HoG Perfume Vault is open today (Friday) for 48 hours! Rare and discounted perfumes are available until 9am PST Sunday 2/17.  





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