Planes, Plains and Autos

Planes, Plains and Autos

A couple weekends ago I took a trip to my home state of South Dakota to visit my father and subsequently did a road trip to Arizona to deliver a car that my mother had purchased. It's an excursion I've done probably seven times during my adult life, but it had been about eight years since I'd done it last. If you're keeping track at home it's about 24 hours of driving when factoring for food/fuel stops. Here's some photos:

(Hazy shot of Mt. Hood while departing PDX airport)


(Had a nice view of the Rockies during the notoriously bumpy approach into Denver)


(Google's proposed route. We mainly stuck to interstate highways though)


(View from the dash on US 81 near Yankton, South Dakota)


(Rest stop map indicating where I woke up after a two hour nap)


(Southern Colorado before spending the afternoon in a very overcast New Mexico)



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    Sweet, James Paul!


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