It’s almost time for Valentine’s!

It’s almost time for our Valentine’s Day release! We have a lot of returning favorites and one brand new scent! 🍓

All 8 scents from our main lineup will be available in Perfume Oil, Eau de Parfum, Pumpkin Butter, Bubbling Scrub, Sugar Exfoliant, Hair Oil, Refresher Spray, Soy Wax Tarts & Candles.

By Candlelight
Warm candle wax and golden amber wrapped in cashmere accord and soft vanilla woods.
Come Hither
Bourbon vanilla, tonka bean, a touch of rose oil, Queen Elizabeth (orris) root, saffron and a touch of honey to sweeten the whole deal.
Layers of chocolate and vanilla cake topped with crushed berry compote and whipped cream.
First Blush
Tahitian vanilla bean, white tea, lavender and peach.
Lily Cakes
Creamy white cake, lily of the valley, and exotic white ginger.
Rich vanilla, heady incense and a trace of red wine.
Who Needs Love
A mahogany box filled with chocolatey orbs, coated in crystallized coffee, filled with a pomegranate and raspberry filling. With something this decadent, who needs love?
And we also have one new scent added to the lineup - Frisson!
It’s very strawberry-forward with a soft, woody/musky base!
Fresh strawberries, tart bergamot, soft musk, white amber, cedarwood and vetiver.



We're also introducing a new perfume-only format: Études! These will be new scents that don’t really have a central theme, but still fit in with the current season! Since perfumes are often described in musical terms (notes, accord) I thought this would be a fun way to group them together!
Étude (noun):
A musical composition, usually short, intended mainly for the practice of some point of technique.
We’re planning on releasing more perfume-only scents as Étude collections for each season going forward. If you like one of them in particular, just let us know and we may eventually make them part of a seasonal collection or even general catalog. :)


Valentine’s Day 2024 Études:

(Perfume Oil & EDP only)
Bourbon Espresso Martini
Fresh espresso, coffee liqueur and a shot of bourbon.
Angel food cake, angelica flowers, frankincense and myrrh atop clouds of whipped cream.
For Aphrodite
Sea foam, golden apples, pink roses, springs of freshly cut myrtle, glowing amber and sweet vanilla.
Lipstick & Bubblegum
Vintage lipstick accord of rose, violet and warm wax, with a kiss of sweet bubblegum.
Paper Doilies
Dry woods, fresh paper and a delicate, lacy vanilla.
Pistacia Vera
Pistachios and more pistachios! Dry roasted, lightly salted pistachios and sweet pistachio cream.
Ruby Matcha
Creamy matcha latte, fruity ruby chocolate accord and a bouquet of white jasmine flowers.
Sweet Mischief
Waffle cookies, fairy slipper orchid, sweet spun sugar and a dusting of fresh snow.

We have a few of our past Valentine’s Day scents available in perfume oil and EDP only. These are all limited stock:
Cozy Rose
Cozy Sweater and our Rose City blended together harmoniously.
Dank Chocolate
Bitter chocolate, blood orange, patchouli, a dark ruddy amber and benzoin.
Dark chocolate, warm vanilla sugar, fir needle and aged patchouli.
Black leather, red musk, and red rose petals.
And last but not least, our Butterbombs, Body Powders and Handmade Soaps!


Chocolate & Amber
Golden amber coated in rich, decadent chocolate.
Creamed Honey
Golden honey whipped with fresh cream.
Red Roses & Red Musk
Red roses, incense and alluring red musk.
Strawberry & Bergamot
Sweet strawberries with a squeeze of tart bergamot.
Vanilla Sandalwood
Rich, creamy vanilla and warm, sultry sandalwood.

Body Powders:

 By Candlelight
Come Hither

Handmade Soaps:

By Candlelight
First Blush

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