Going Vegan Part 1

Going Vegan Part 1

Going Vegan

A Weekly Blog Series For Haus Of Gloi
By Jo Case


Today marks one week of consciously consuming a plant based diet. My partner has been transitioning his eating habits over the last month or so, and he finally convinced me to join him. We watched The Game Changers, a new documentary about athlete’s performance on a plant based diet and I was sold. As a physically active person, the science around vegan nutrition was the key selling point.


When I was in my early 20’s, my body stopped being able to process beef. It took me about a year of continuing to eat it anyways to finally decide to not consume food that makes me physically ill.  As time has passed, I have become more present in my body and gained awareness to how I feel and what I need.

I decided in the last few months that I no longer need to consume food that makes me feel bad, no matter how tasty it may be. Thus began the willingness to explore a plant based diet. 


I always thought it would just be too much work to eat vegan: constantly having to check the ingredients in everything, eating raw kale, lots of beans and rice and bland tofu and no flavor or fun allowed! That has not been the case. Both of us have noticed that it’s a pretty easy transition. Also we feel better, no more food hangovers! We have better energy and there are plenty of options at a lot of our favorite places to eat. And so many places in Portland have solely plant based menus. We excited to go exploring them all!


Over the month, I will be sharing my journey with you. Stay tuned for more next Friday!


When she's not blogging for the Haus, you can find Jo running the show at Robot Piercing & Tattoo here in Portland!

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