Fall Part 2 - Coming Soon!

Whipped Soaps Are Back!

Fall temperatures have returned and so have heat sensitive items from the Haus! Our fabulous whipped soaps and butterbombs will be back in stock with your favorite Fall scents starting this Sunday at 9am Pacific.

And as a special treat, we've brought back Body Powders by popular request! Our body powder is a talc-free formula that contains soothing colloidal oatmeal to not just keep you soft and dry, but also nourish your skin. Available in 4 of our best selling fall scents, as well as an unscented version!

Whipped Soaps

Available in all 16 Fall scents!:

Apple Milk - Apple pulp, hot milk and cardamom.

Blood Orange Marshmallow - Rich blood orange and fluffy white marshmallows.

Cozy Pumpkin - Fresh pumpkin and our ever popular Cozy Sweater blended together for fall time coziness.

Ghost Puffs - Orbs of buttery popcorn and marshmallow goo, presented on a wooden stick.

Golden Corn Cakes - Corn cake baked to a golden perfection, topped with butter and honey.

Hex - You've been bewitched! Brackish amber, aged vanilla bean and three dark fruits, veiled in darkness and otherworldly secrecy.

Kitchen Witch - Warm zucchini bread and pumpkin cookies, ginger root, aged patchouli, a sprinkling of anise seeds, and bundles of dried herbs hanging from cedar wood rafters.

Little Hedgehog - Spiky chestnuts, autumn leaves, wild mushrooms, and warm brown sugar.

Olde Cider Haus - Old oak, sweet drying hay fields, crushed apple pulp and vanilla husks.

Persephone's Descent - Pomegranate, pale musk, narcissus blossom and black amber.

Pumpkin Eater - Oat milk, pumpkin pulp, vanilla bean, and a tiny touch of nutmeg butter.

Pumpkin Queen - Gentle hay pillows, pumpkin, ripe peaches dusted with clove and nutmeg, dried summer herbs and lastly, a lovely crown of amber.

Red Roan - Fresh strawberry flecked porridge with maple syrup and adulterated with a splash of white cognac.

Samhain II - Freshly turned earth, wet leaves, and a cool specter ridden wind!

Scarecrow - Dried corn husks, dust, straw, weathered wood and a ruffle of inky black feathers.

Spider Silk - Procured from a dream: delicate water mint, wispy grey musk, crystalline webs of amber, oakmoss, torchwood, copaiba resin, and a touch of withered violet leaf.


Apple Cake
Crisp red apple baked into a golden cake.

Chrysanthemums & Sweetgrass
The quintessential autumn flower and sun-dried sweetgrass.

Flannel & Leather
Cozy spiced sandalwood and well-worn leather.

Maple Sugar
An extra sweet blend of maple syrup and brown sugar.

Violet Smoke
Violet petals and blackberries with a soft, smoky undertone.

White Chocolate Pumpkin
Fresh pumpkin coated with creamy white chocolate and a pinch of nutmeg.

Body Powders

Apple Milk
Blood Orange Marshmallow
Ghost Puffs
Pumpkin Eater

Spooky Cat Shirts Are Back!

We've brought back our popular Fall t-shirts with our favorite spooky cat design!  Show your love of the season with these tees printed by hand here at the Haus.  Available this Sunday for FREE with your $75 or greater order, or purchase for $10 on their own.  Supplies are limited, so don't delay!

We'll see you at the shop this Sunday at 9am Pacific!

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