A Walk In The (Forest) Park

A Walk In The (Forest) Park

Summer has been late to arrive in the Portland area this year and it's been difficult for me to get motivated to get out and experience nature. Thankfully the city's west side is home to Forest Park, one of the nation's largest public parks and green spaces. On a recent Saturday afternoon I hopped on my bike and crossed the river and spent a couple hours strolling in the forest....in the city.







(looking south at the Steel Bridge from Broadway Bridge en route to Forest Park)



(view of Old Town and Pearl District from Broadway Bridge)


Learn more about Forest Park here: https://www.forestparkconservancy.org/forest-park/


  • Sonya

    WoW. So beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  • pamila

    Love the pictures. I have visited Portland and am in love with the parks throughout the city in addition to the mountain waterfalls in the surrounding countryside. Thank you for posting the link to additional information the park.

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