A Guide To Fragrance Layering!

A Guide To Fragrance Layering!

One of the most fun ways to create a personal scent is fragrance layering! You can be your own perfumer and create a scent that is totally unique to you. Just like creating a stand alone perfume, building a layered scent on your skin can be best achieved by adhering to a few good tricks and principles! To help you get the best out of our upcoming Layering Accord collection, as well as all your other layering ingredients, we've written up a handy guide of tips and tricks to get you started!

One of our favorite ways to create a layered scent is to start from bathing products on up. Consider lotions and scrubs to work as a sort of “base note” to create the foundation of your scent – the product that you add last will be the most intense portion of the blend, but you can ground it with the right beginning.

As an example – we love the combination of Marshmallow and Nag Champa, sweet and earthy at the same time. Start off with a Nag Champa scrub or butter and finish with a few sprays of EdP or dabs of perfume oil. The lighter level of fragrance in bathing products will keep the base of the fragrance from upstaging the finish, but still add a layer of depth.

When layering perfumes, be sure not to rub wrists or pulse points together until you have added all your fragrances, for the optimum blend!

Keep it simple! The best base to start with is a simple fragrance – a single note perfume or one that is principally based on a single accord. Simple perfumes are great for layering together to create an all new scent or to accent your favorite perfume blend.

This can be achieved by mixing portions of multiple products together on the skin. As an example, a dab of Vanilla Bean pumpkin butter with a dab of Sandalwood pumpkin butter. Adjust the size of the dab to your preference and enjoy! Creating your own customized, one of a kind, personal fragrance creation.

You may also wish to layer different fragrances of different products. As an example, a Rose bubble scrub followed by Nag Champa hair oil. Or, Marshmallow pumpkin butter followed by Vanilla Bean perfume oil. The combinations here are almost endless.

Or, you may wish to simply choose your favorite note and layer multiple products to bask in that note and let it shine.

Another possibility for this collection of layering accords is to customize our existing products by adding a layering note. For example, a swipe of Cozy Sweater perfume oil with a swipe of Vanilla Bean, Lavender, or Sandalwood perfume oil would put a twist on this classic fragrance. Or a scoop of Haus Amber bubble scrub with a scoop of Moss bubble scrub. Mixed in the hand this 'green amber' fragrance is a delight.

My intention for this collection is for you to have fun mixing, matching, customizing, and experimenting with these layering accords. Each experience would be unique to you, special, one of a kind.

Spring is a great time to play around, experiment, and try new things. I sincerely hope that this collection sparks your imagination and brings you joy.


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