Valentine's Fig Collection


Figs are an ancient fruit often mentioned in mythology and religious stories. Figs have been associated with fertility, abundance, and symbols of wealth and royalty. Our fig note is lightly sweet, a little woody, and is reminiscent of a fresh ripe fig right off the tree.

Fig and Patchouli - Fig with rich, aged patchouli.

Fig and Ginger - Fig with zesty ginger.

Fig and Tonka - Fig with creamy, grassy tonka.

Fig and Pear - Fig with juicy ripe pear.

Fig and Basil - Fig with fresh basil.

Fig and Tobacco - Fig with chewy sweet tobacco.

Fig and Coconut - Fig with fresh coconut cream.

Fig and Sandalwood - Fig with dry white sandalwood.


High quality fragrance oils, essential oils, co2 extractions and absolutes go into our perfume blends. We dilute them into fractionated (unscented liquid) coconut oil. Use the plastic cone stopper to apply to pulse points, or use in an oil burner for atmospheric enjoyment.

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