Summer Refreshers

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Room and Linen Sprays are a great way to disburse scent  throughout your environment. These potent sprays shouldn't be sprayed in the eyes or on pets but otherwise feel free to get creative. Spray linens, a favorite plushie, curtains, or pillows - anywhere you would like to give the atmosphere a pick-me-up. 


Buzz Off

A 100% essential oil blend to keep those pesky biters away. Cedarwood, clove, lemongrass, the highest grade citronella, a touch of lavender and the secret weapon: catnip oil. We added more catnip this year for more effectiveness.


A blend of two vanillas, amber and Bulgarian lavender.

Orange Orchard

Orange blossom, fresh orange juice, and a drizzle of honey.

Peppermint Woods

Local peppermint, crushed clary sage, and cedarwood.

Sea Spa

A smooth and clean blend of salty sandalwood, oceanic notes, sage and jasmine tea. Finished with a touch of Moroccan orange blossom water.

Strawberry Rose

Ripe Summer strawberries and bright pink roses.

Violet Marshmallow

Violet flower, marshmallows and a touch of bergamot.



4oz bottle 


Distilled water, polysorbate 20, proprietary blend of fragrance and essential oils, phenoxyethanol (and) caprylyl glycol


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