Black Tea Perfume Oils


Our black tea note is crisp, refreshing, and authentic.


Black Tea & Lemon - Black tea with a light and refreshing squeeze of lemon.

Black Tea & Vanilla Bean- Black tea and  a swirl of dried vanilla bean.

Black Tea & Milk & Honey - Black tea with creamy milk and a drizzle of honey.

Black Tea & Smoked Jasmine - Black tea blended with gently smoked jasmine tea.

Black Tea & Black Currant Scones - Black tea with buttery black currant scones.

Black Tea & Sugar - Black tea and a spoon full of white sugar.

Black Tea & Strawberry Vanilla - Black tea served with strawberries and two vanillas.

Black Tea & Chrysanthemum - Black tea combined with a chrysanthemum tea infusion.



5ml amber glass bottle


Proprietary blend of essential and perfume oils, fractionated coconut oil

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