Perfume Only: Ice


This frosty ice accord is a blend of ice shards, cold salt air, and a touch of chilled mint. 

Iced Blossoms - Ice covered violet and rose petals. 
Iced Chocolate - Dark chocolate powdered with glittering ice. 
Iced Earth - Rich loamy earth blanketed in frost. 
Iced Herbs - Bright aromatic rosemary and garden herbs touched by hoarfrost. 
Iced Lily - Perfect white calla lilies dusted in a layer of cold snow. 
Iced Resin - Sweet Frankincense with a pinch of Cuban tobacco veiled with a layer of ice. 
Iced Vanilla - Pure, rich vanilla spun with slushy snow. 
Iced Woods - Cedarwood and antique sandalwood lashed with cold winter sleet. 




              High quality fragrance oils, essential oils, co2 extractions and absolutes go into our perfume blends. We dilute them into fractionated (unscented liquid) coconut oil. Use the plastic cone stopper to apply to pulse points, or use in an oil burner for atmospheric enjoyment.

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