Midsummer Perfume Oils

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Blueberry Tart

Delicious blueberry tart! Ripe blueberries, lemon zest, and a sprig of thyme heaped on a buttery crust.

Grapefruit Tea

Pink grapefruit, green tea, bergamot, and Egyptian musk.

Mint Marshmallow

Fluffy, puffy vanilla marshmallows with a fresh mint zing.


Sweet summer apricots in a wooden basket. Apricot, Tahitian vanilla, sandalwood, and cedar.


Sea air, tropical vanilla, dune grass, and pikake flower.

Easy Daisy

Green grass, wild dandelion, a hint of lemon and a drop of chamomile in a base of soft Egyptian musk.

Lucky Cat

Fresh ripe kumquat and mango with a touch of bamboo mint and a wisp of incense.


Sample Vial or 5ml Amber Glass Bottle


High quality fragrance oils, essential oils, co2 extractions and absolutes go into our perfume blends. We dilute them into fractionated (unscented liquid) coconut oil. Use the plastic cone stopper to apply to pulse points, or use in an oil burner for atmospheric enjoyment.