Insalata Nocturna Handmade Castile Soap

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Castile soap is one of the oldest varieties of "hard" soaps!  

Originating in the Levant (West Africa and The Middle East)  Castile soaps origins date back millennia.  It is believed that Castile soap was first brought to Europe by Crusaders returning from campaigns in the 11th century.  Traditionally, these soaps used both olive and laurel oils, but became mostly made from olive oil as laurel was not common on the European continent.  This formulation is thought to have come from the Castile region of Spain, thus lending its name to the soap we know today.  

Castile soap is always made from vegetable oils, never animal fats and can include any number of oils such as palm, hemp and avocado.  Our Castile soap is made from a traditional olive oil formula and contains only olive oil, water, sodium hydroxide (lye) and fragrances.  

If you've been looking for a clean rinsing, natural, Vegan and palm-free soap, our Insalata Nocturna Castile Soap is just the ticket!


In the night garden. Green Bolivian lemon, rubbed tomato leaf, black fig syrup and basil


3.7-4oz bar wrapped in a biodegradable protective film.



Olea Europaea (olive) Oil, Water, Sodium Hydroxide, Proprietary Fragrance Blend.