Haus Birthday Cake Perfume Oil


Celebrating our 8th birthday with a table full of cakes!

We started with a rich, delicious cake accord and let our imaginations run wild putting together blends that remind us of cakes we've encountered and cakes we would love to try. Rounding out the table is Linen and Lace and Refreshing Cucumber Water.


Almond Caramel Espresso Cake - Fluffy cake with espresso frosting, toasted almonds, and a caramel drizzle.

Banana J. Foster Cake - Vanilla cake loaded up with ripe bananas soaked in whiskey.

Bourbon Peach Cake - Golden cake covered in bourbon soaked peaches and brown sugar.

Champagne Cake - Light and airy white cake with bubbly champagne mixed in.

German Chocolate Cake - Delicious chocolate cake with traditional coconut frosting.

Lavender Pear Anise Cake - Dense cake filled with chopped pears topped with a scattering of lavender buds and crushed anise seeds.

Linen and Lace - Soft, white, clean linen with a touch of vanilla.

Refreshing Cucumber Water - Light and cool cucumber infused water. Summer is on the way!




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