Fruits & Flowers Sampler Set

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This set includes one vial each of the following scents:

Lilac & Blackberry - Purple lilacs, tart blackberry, soft sandalwood, and a sprig of sage.

Fig & Lavender - Sweet lavender, green fig, rosemary, and Ho Wood.

Narcissus & Plum - Sultry narcissus, spiced plum, litsea, and raspberry leaf.

Violet & Pear - A bouquet of violets, a glass of iced green tea, and a slice of fresh pear.

Wisteria & Blackcurrant - Cascading wisteria, rain dampened moss, and blackcurrant.

Gardenia & Coconut - Tropical gardenia, pikake, white ginger, and coconut.

Geranium & Blood Orange - Earthy geranium, Spanish moss, frankincense, and blood orange.