Cyber Monday Perfume Only: Hot Chocolate & Gimme Mah Coffee


Perfume Only series: Hot Chocolate

Raspberry White Chocolate Cocoa: Tart raspberries and creamy white chocolate. 

Brown Sugar Milk Chocolate Cocoa: Sweet, smooth, milky, warm chocolate. 

Cinnamon Vanilla Cocoa: Hot chocolate with a dusting of vanilla infused cinnamon sugar. 

Maple & Sea Salt Cocoa: A drizzle of maple and a few sea salt crystals makes this hot chocolate a special treat. 

Dark Chocolate Cocoa with a Melty Marshmallow: Simplicity is sometimes best! A mixture of four dark chocolates and a fluffy, melty marshmallow. 

Spiced Ginger Cocoa: Ginger, clove, and black pepper bring extra warmth to this cocoa. 

Caramel Cocoa: Chipotle caramel gives this cocoa an unusual twist! 

Fancy Orange Cocoa: With orange, coriander, cardamom, and vanilla bean pods. 

Gimme Mah Coffee: A brew of espresso roast coffee, true coffee essential oil, and the barest hint of lemon essence to round out and enhance the coffee notes.

High quality fragrance oils, essential oils, co2 extractions and absolutes go into our perfume blends. We dilute them into fractionated (unscented liquid) coconut oil. Use the plastic cone stopper to apply to pulse points, or use in an oil burner for atmospheric enjoyment.

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