7 Birthday Ambers

$15.00 $28.00

We wanted to do something a little special for our birthday this year. 7 Haus Amber blends for 7 years of the Haus and running! Each of these perfumes was delicately blended with ultra premium ingredients. Expensive sandalwood, rose absolutes... and allowed to age for nearly two months before offering them up. All of these blends will age exceptionally well. 

Each perfume comes in its own individual box.

Amber & Neroli
neroli, ylang ylang, hawaiian white ginger flower
Amber & Wood
new caledonia sandalwood, amyris and three cedars: western red, hiba, virginian.
Amber & Rose
russian apothecary rose absolute, tonka and madagascar rose geranium.
Amber & Tropic Fruit
ripe pineapple, lime, green fig leaf, gingergrass
Amber & Incense
two nag champa blends, dragons blood and somalian frankincense
Amber Noir
bay rum, bitter clove, hiba cedarwood, brimstone, russian leather and tobacco

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