Dark & Stormy Night Perfume Oils

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Finishing up work quite late one dark and stormy night the sometimes cozy, sometimes fierce and wild energy of stormy weather inspired me to create this fragrance collection.

Looking out at the night sky the words floated through my mind, "It was a dark and stormy night" and I started feeling around the edges and following the threads of what that means to me. I found inspiration from a lifetime of being enthralled by the atmosphere of hilltop castles on stormy evenings (the films Dracula, Clue, House on Haunted Hill, and so many more), childhood fairy tales, and lately listening to the podcasts Old Gods of Appalachia and Lore.

Images and scents started swirling around in my head as the winds whipped through the trees outside. From cozy to electrifying, no matter how you like to weather the storm I've got you covered. 

Bolt of Lightning
Ozone, a crack of eucalyptus, sheets rain, warm earthy vetiver and the fragrance of distant fir trees swirling in cold air.  

Dancing (Naked) in the Rain
Gentle rain, a fairy ring of fungi, smouldering opoponax and beads of amber. 
Flannel Sheets
Soft cotton flannel sheets, a soft mist of lavender, and freshly showered skin. 

Mud Pies and Dragons
Deep, dark, aged patchouli and mud pies decorated with oakmoss.   

Rain accord mingled with fallen pine needles and damp leaves. 

Rolling Thunder
Big booming resins, scorched amber, and rain soaked lichen. 

A thick tangle of dark vegetation, a layer of cold fog, and a vanishing shadow smelling of tobacco and leather.   

Warm Milk
Warm milk steeped with vanilla beans and cardamom pods. 


5ml amber glass bottle


Proprietary blend of essential and perfume oils, fractionated coconut oil.