Strawberry Perfumes

When I was growing up my grandfather had a beautiful garden in the backyard and my favorite thing in the summer was to graze in the strawberry patch. Here for you is a joyful and nostalgia inspired collection of some summery strawberry favorites. 

Strawberry Fields
Like standing in a field of strawberries. Sun warmed strawberries, fresh turned earth, and sun dappled green leaves. 

Strawberry Mama
Peach Mama's cousin! Lovely red strawberries with resinous incense and a splash of patchouli. 

Strawberry Black Bottom Pie
Strawberry pie filling in a buttery chocolate graham cracker crust. 

Strawberry Summer
The scent of my childhood summers. Strawberries picked from the garden, a smear of coconut sunscreen, a square of banana taffy, a gloop of sticky marshmallow and a whiff of fresh rose. 

Strawberry Musk
A warm musky blend of amber and sandalwood grounds bright tart strawberry. 

Strawberry Sparkle
Fizzy and bright! Sparkling wine with strawberry slices, white ginger flower, and gardenia petals. 

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