Layering Accord Samplers!

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Each sampler set includes 1 vial each of the following scents:

Set #1

Birthday Cake - White vanilla cake with a thick layer of buttercream frosting.

Vanilla Bean - A balanced blend of 5 varieties of vanilla, resulting in a rich and true vanilla.

Marshmallow - Our very popular marshmallow note now has the opportunity to stand alone in the spotlight. Fresh marshmallow, right out of the bag.

Lavender - A blend of Bulgarian and Oregon lavenders with supporting notes of blackcurrant and a trace of lemon.

Moss - Soft green forest moss covered in morning dew.

Sandalwood - Warm, sweet sandalwood with bare touches of sea air and salt.

Nag Champa - Nag Champa incense rounded out with golden amber.

Rose - Fresh rose brightened with notes of freesia and lychee.


Set #2

Tea - A cup of strong black tea with a scoop of white sugar.

Honey - Pure golden honey with touches of beeswax and dandelion.

Brown Sugar - Dark brown sugar melted with butter and milk and caramelized to golden perfection.

Sweet Cream - Fresh milk swirled with tonka.

Leather - Worn leather, gunpowder, and a touch of frankincense.

Amber - Golden amber, Egyptian amber, and White amber with supporting notes of copal, benzion, and oak.

Cedar - Just like the inside of a new cedar chest.

Strawberry - Ripe strawberries still in the field with trace notes of dirt and rain.