Precious Resins

Precious Resins & Golden Vanilla 
Resin accord with thick, rich vanilla and a hint of beeswax. 
Precious Resins & Snowy Fir 
Resin accord with Canadian fir balsam and a layer of fresh snow. 
Precious Resins & Sugared Pine 
Resin accord with cinnamon sugar and Scotch pine. 
Precious Resins & Rose 
Resin accord with a blend of two winter roses. 
Precious Resins & Glowing Mahogany 
Resin accord with polished mahogany and a smear of amber. 
Precious Resins & Rain 
Resin accord blended with our popular Rain accord.
Precious Resins & Carnation and Apple 
Resin accord with pink carnation and sweet red apple. 
Precious Resins & Brown Sugar and Cedar 
Resin accord with brown sugar and fresh cut cedar. 

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