Otter Butterbombs


Have you all been seeing adorable otters all over the place lately? They're so freakin' cute! This little group of butterbombs is inspired by the cheerful, playful, and all around delightful otter. There are a few words describing a group of otters: a bevy, family, or a lodge are a few, but my favorite is a romp. Get in your tub and get otterly clean and soft with this romp of butterbombs! (They will layer really well too if you're into bath mixology.) 

Bounce! - Bouncy and full of energy! A zing of lemon, a squeeze of pink grapefruit, jasmine petals and a smidgen of ylang ylang. 
Slink - Slinky smooth and sweet. Fresh milk, pink carnation, and a single pink rose petal. 
Nibble - Smells good enough to eat! Buoyant fluffy marshmallows, and peach nectar. 
Sleep - Soothing and dreamy. Thick rich vanilla holding hands with fresh lavender. 


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