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Candy Bowl & Fall Single Notes August 24 2013, 2 Comments

Here's our newest round of single notes for our Fall season. Fall evokes strong gourmand scents for many, from hearth and home. For others, it's the scent of flame colored leaves and distant wood fire that stirs them. Or, dense rain fall in a coniferous forest. Whatever your nose desires, you can blend it up with our Perfume Made for You selection of single notes. Never hesitate to email us if you have any questions about the composition of your perfume!

Hazelnut Cream
Smooth, creamy and with a very slight boozy note, similar to that of an extract.
Sweet delicious pumpkin pulp!
Rich dry woodsmoke.
Leaf Pile 
Slightly green, dry leafy note.
Very tart, red and fruity.
Burnt sugar and butter folded in, topped with a little salt. Delicious and creamy.
Other notes to consider for your fall time perfume blending...


Brown Sugar



Dark Patchouli

Dragons Blood


White Oak

Spanish Moss





Candy Bowl


It's back!


Banana Taffy
Warm vanilla taffy with an artificial banana kick.
Blood Orange Marshmallow
Everyone's favorite! Blood orange infused in rich homemade marshmallows.
Candy Corn
Simple, but irresistibly delicious candy corn.
Caramel Apple
Sweet warm caramel and tart apple.
Coconut Bon Bon
White chocolate and coconut flake. This blend contains cocoa co2 extract.
Dainty Mints
Soft mint and buttery vanilla. This blend contains vanilla co2 extract.
Lemon Drops
Bright Californian lemon and pure cane sugar. Yum!
Peaches and Cream Gumball
A peachy and creamy chewable orb.
Pumpkin Cake Pops
Just that, lightly spiced pumpkin cake orbs with frosting.
Salty Caramel
Caramel flecked with coarse sea salt.
Sugared Roses
Red rose petals preserved in vanilla sugar. This blend contains Bulgarian rose absolute and vanilla c02 extract.
Vanilla Taffy
Simple taffy, vanilla flavored. This blend contains vanilla co2 extract.

New at the Haus: Hair Oils... August 21 2013, 4 Comments

Free Sample Of The Week, Eucalyptus Wood July 25 2013, 7 Comments

Hey everyone! Each week we will be highlighting a single note from our Perfume Made for You selection. All orders over $25 will receive that week's highlighted single note. This freebie is an addition to the free perfume sample we give out with all orders.

This week's highlighted single note is...



Eucalyptus Wood


Sourced from South Africa, this is an altogether different wood note. Our Eucalyptus Wood has none of the menthol notes of traditional Eucalyptus, nor is it camphorous. This is a cool, soft, dry and slightly balsamic woody note, it must be experienced to be understood. It blends well with all floral and wood notes and as a matter of fact, I can't really think of anything this essential oil wouldn't blend well with. If you're looking for cool and smooth, this note could be your new best friend.

Indian Summer Reverie, July 21st. July 18 2013, 4 Comments

Inspired by the local area in which we live, I decided to put together a pre-fall Reverie release. This collection highlights that dry period right before the fullness of fall really sets in. Those last few days of summer clinging to the air and an abundance of ripe fruits, the last herbs collected for the season and sweet dry grasses...

Overripe pears, long faded perfume, sweet grass and dry, late summer air. (Soap, Perfume, Pumpkin Butter)

Dried herbs and fresh sage on a polished wooden table, softened by sweet peru balsam. (Soap, Perfume, Pumpkin Butter)

Corn cake baked to a golden perfection, topped with butter and honey. (Bubbling Scrub, Perfume, Pumpkin Butter)

And hidden amongst the leaf litter...

Red apple, twinkling green amber and a singular star of anise pod. (Soap)

This Weeks Free Sample: Kaffir Lime Leaf. July 17 2013, 1 Comment

Hey everyone! Each week we will be highlighting a single note from our Perfume Made for You selection. All orders over $25 will receive that week's highlighted single note. This freebie is an addition to the free perfume sample we give out with all orders.


This week's highlighted single note is...




Kaffir Lime Leaf

An intensely green, exotic, spicy, citrusy note.  


Kaffir Lime Leaf is often used in Southeastern Asian cuisine. This unusual note is a bit of an acquired taste, but it blends beautifully with all citruses and with rich woods, such as Mahogany and Sandalwood. This note has an interesting aspect of heat about it, so if you are looking for an exotic warmth to your blend, you may want to consider using this oil. Other notes that would blend well are, Dragons Blood, Clean Musk, Green Tea, Frankincense, Coconut and all herbal notes such as Sage, Thyme, etc.  


Stay tuned! Each week we will be rotating in a new sample.

Lavender Festival! July 16 2013, 9 Comments

Our monthly car rental for a supply run just so happened to line up with a local lavender festival put on by a local supplier of ours. I had wanted to go last year, but it just didn't work out. This year was different and we happened to make it! It was a lovely time. Upon arriving at the farm, all you could smell was sweetness in the air, it was amazing. I'll let the pictures tell the story...


This is what you see upon arriving at the farm. A glorious view of Mt. Hood. You could also see St. Helens and I believe it was Mt. Adams as well. While I do love my job, can you imagine working here?! All the employes were happy and cheerful. I would be too! What a beautiful place to work.

I really wish I could capture the sound of the bees hard at work. While you could hear the wind blowing through the trees, there was this overwhelming pulsing hum of millions of bees! It was pretty incredible. They didn't seem to mind us harvesting and would move off to another area while we picked.

The variety that we collected was called, Buena Vista. It has a very sweet aroma, almost fruity! It's not at all medicinal or camphorous. They distill this variety on site and I walked away with a bottle. Of course I'll be soaping it ;) This is an organic farm, too. Nothing but the best!

Matt can't help but make faces during picture taking, what a man-child. At any rate, we walked away with four big bundles! Enough for personal use and for soaps.

This was my favorite picture. Trying to capture these little guys is hard! I think I got lucky here.

When I first began my adventures in perfume and soap making, I was always drawn to the most exotic ingredients. I overlooked classic and simple essential oils. Lately, I have been having a love affair with the simple "basics" lavender, rose, bergamot. They're timeless scents. Lavender and sandalwood, lime, rose are pairings that come to mind. I think I'll be using the oil that I bought on site for a Lavender Pumpkin soap sometime shortly after the fall release. I managed to make up a pretty great pumpkin accord, blend that with this amazing Buena Vista lavender and a touch of sandalwood and I think it'll be a heavenly bar of soap!

So tell me, what is your favorite pairing with lavender? Or your would be favorite?


Free Single Note Perfume With An Order Over $25! July 10 2013, 0 Comments

Hey everyone! Each week we will be highlighting a single note from our Perfume Made for You selection. All orders over $25 will receive that week's highlighted single note. This freebie is an addition to the free perfume sample we give out with all orders.

This week's highlighted single note is...




A fresh but candy like grapefruit note. Mouthwateringly delicious.

Yuzu is a citrus fruit originating in Eastern Asia. It is often used in cooking and favored for its strong aroma. The fruit is bitter, so it isn't usually eaten fresh. The zest of the rind is most often used as a seasoning and aromatic flavoring agent. Yuzu pairs well with other citruses, woods and herbal notes. If you're wanting to add a "sparkling" or "bright" feel to your blend, then you may want to consider Yuzu in your next perfume blend. Some neat pairings would be, Kaffir Lime Leaf, Sandalwood, Green Tea, Black Tea, Orange Blossom, Sweet Cream, Clean Musk. The list could go on, but those are just off the top of my head ;)

Stay tuned! Each week we will be rotating in a new sample.



Summer musing. July 02 2013, 8 Comments

Hi friends! Just touching base with y'all. We've been taking it easy the past few days due to a heatwave. Riding our bikes into work gets us super sweaty later in the day, so we've been hitting the office during the coolness of the very early morning and only staying for a few hours. There's been a LOT of custom perfume work this week, which is nice because things have been rather quiet around the Haus. It usually is during the middle of the summer. A wee little break before the oncoming craziness of fall and the holidays! Today Matt and I are working around the house and taking care of some domestic chores. I'm having a late morning coffee break and figured I'd catch all of you up with what's been going on.

I've been plotting out our pre-fall Reverie release (which is going to be super awesome!) and our full Halloween lineup. I've been inspired by a natural area I like to visit during the late summer/early fall dry phase, right before the fall rains hit. Huge walnut orchard, with wild pear trees and the sweet smell of dry grass. It'll be very harvest themed. Faded perfume, pears, wild nuts and apples, antique lace, sweet grass, dried herbs and... cornbread! I'm really excited about it. You'll see a lot of return scents for the full Halloween release, and it's gunna be HUGE! Old favorites like, Ghost Puffs and Pumpkin Queen will be around for sure. I have a few new scents in mind. Something smoky and leathery, that'll really round out our fall offerings I think.

Our beautiful and very popular Butterbombs will be coming back too. Along with a brand new product that I've been using myself for quite a while now, hair oil! Made with virgin argan oil and lots of lovely extracts. We haven't quite decided what scents we'll be offering them in, but we are very excited to be releasing this new product. It'll be affordable as well. I think a lot of the high end hair oils out on the market are ridiculously over priced. And I almost forgot! Our newly formulated propylene glycol free whipped soap will debut with the Halloween release as well.

Well, that's all I have for now. I hope that all of you have a lovely and safe Independence Day! We're hoping it's kind of quiet, the cats get so scared of the fireworks. The old lady cat takes to hiding under the bathroom sink!

Thanks for reading all!


Views from the Haus - 05 June 07 2013, 1 Comment

It's a quiet and sunny morning here. I had dreams about donuts last night, so, I think at some point today, I'm going to have myself a donut.


Donut! This was wheat free and vegan at Bob's Red Mill Store. I've had them before, but this one was a little too dense for my liking. Did you know, I once saw THE Bob and his wife, shopping at his own store! It was the coolest. He looks exactly like he does on the bag!


Cats 'n boxes. What is it that they love about them? Such profound mysteries.


A pretty puppy waiting patiently for her owner at the grocery store. She was so well behaved!


I found this while meandering the aisles at New Seasons. It's locally grown and milled! Very special indeed.


I looove to bake, but I can't do it too often, because I can literally eat a whole loaf of bread in a day. It's just so fun making your own bread.


These horses are part of a larger herd. They're in a local "Explorers League" for teenagers. You volunteer your time to care for them and you get to ride in exchange. Many of the horses are rescues. Portland General Electric allows them to reside on their land, which is why you can see that substation in the background! I get to see them every time I ride my bike to work. They're an adorable and well cared for bunch.


Ye olde soap rack. It's a little more full than this right now. We've got about three new batches of soap we'll be unveiling on the 20th ;)


That's all for now folks. Have a beautiful weekend :)

Specials in shop! And News. June 03 2013, 0 Comments

Hi everyone! Monday newsletter going out a little late today, it's been a very busy morning here.

What to Expect this Week

So, we have some specials available in the the store right now! Super low prices on some previous seasonal items. There's very low stock, so stuff may sell out quickly.

Soap scrap packs, super limited Reverie soaps, and some experimental Reverie bath bombs will be popping up in the shop this week. We won't be announcing the release time on these items, you'll just have to keep an eye on the Reverie section, I will however, be announcing when the items go up on both Facebook and Twitter!

Also, a full Reverie release is scheduled for June 20th. White Peach, White Blackberry and Rose City (formerly PDX Rose) in soaps, pumpkin putter and perfume oil.


FAQ on Products

What is the shelf life of my XYZ product?

Soaps - It is recommended that you use your soap up within 6 months to a year. Some soaps will retain their fragrance forever, but it is recommended that you use you soap within this time frame.

Whipped Soap - Left unopened and in a cool dark place, whipped soaps are good for up to a year. When opened, I recommend using them within 3-4 months. Keeping water out of the jar and using clean hands while using product will prolong the life of your whipped soap.

Pumpkin Butter - Just like whipped soap, if left unopened and in a cool dark place Pumpkin Butter is good for up to a year. Opened, you should use it within 3-4 months.

Perfume Oil - These can last for several years if stored properly. Some perfumes age beautifully, others become more mellow over time.

Butterbombs - These are best if used within 3 months of purchase.


Custom Perfume of the Week


New Summer Single Notes! May 30 2013, 4 Comments



Hello friends! Our single note selection has expanded for the summer.

You will now find these lovely summery notes in our Perfume Made for You selection.

Jasmine (new!)
Kaffir Lime Leaf
Honey (new!)

Removed from the list are scents that will return around Autumn.

Leaf Pile


Happy blending!



Good Morning Monday - 06 April 22 2013, 0 Comments

Good morning everyone! The morning started off cold and misty, but the sun has risen and evaporated all the fog to reveal perfectly clear skies. This whole week should be relatively sunny. I'm super excited because the weather has been a little too cool and dark for my liking recently. I hope the ground dries up enough so that I can work in the yard and get our garden going. Can't wait to start growing some food!

sunlight in the borage

On to business...

Lots and lots of restocks last week and over the weekend. All general catalog Bubble Scrubs, Emulsifying Scrubs and Pumpkin Butters have been restocked! Spring items have been marked down, too.

My focus this week, is all soap. My plans are to have everything in stock by the time the summer release rolls around, May 12th. I think this is very doable. I'm exited too! I don't think I'll have been this caught up with production in... well, forever. That's the power of having our new work space. Efficiency!

(Imp soap, fresh out of the mold)

(Elevenses in the mold)

We currently have Apothecary, Elevenses, Imp and Honeysuckle Lemon Curd curing up! Today I'll be working on Lavender Sugar and Insalata Nocturna.

That's all for now. I'll be keeping you all posted with lots of soap photos this week.


Views From the Haus - 04 April 19 2013, 0 Comments

Good morning everyone!

It's been a minute since I've done one of these ;) Right now it's raining and it's also my birthday! So I'm taking the day off to enjoy the rain and eventually some burritos and beer, followed by cake and ice cream! 27 was great, but I plan on making 28 kick ass!

I thought I'd share with you what's been going on in Instagram land...


A neighbors cat, keeping a sharp eye on me while I walked to the gym one day.


Simple delicious noms! I like my bananas nice and spotty too, is that weird?


Ok, this thing... IS AWESOME. It's, indescribably delicious. It's a cashew and coconut cream based treat with tons of pure vanilla flavor and these chunks of cocoabutter and cacao that just melt in your mouth. They're expensive, so I don't buy them often, but they're worth it.


Moss carpets everywhere this time of year. 


I can never make enough of these buggers! I need elves.


My hair has faded from this brightness. It's almost pinkish up front now, my hair always fades more in the front. I think it's due to running my fingers through it and it coming into contact with water and cleansers on a daily basis. My goal? Lavenderish locks and a tan this summer. Oh, how I love the sun.


The first of many maneki neko bits that will be in our reception room. They're symbols of luck and beckon in good business. 


Reading a lot about fairies these day.


Lots of soap production last week and even more next week. As a matter of fact, that's all I plan on doing next week. Soap, soap, soap. I plan on getting all of general catalog restocked along with summer soaps done too. So excited to soap up White Blueberry! I think it'll be awesome.

That's all I've got for now. I have a huge backlog of Instagram photos I want to share. I may break it up into themes, I have so many flower and custom perfume pictures.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


Spring Reverie! April 14 2013, 4 Comments

Live today at Noon PST!

Lots of Whipped Soaps and Butterbombs! The warm summer months are coming soon, and that means we won't be making or shipping our heat sensitive products. We wanted to give everyone a good chance at getting their hands on these two very popular items!

Tart raspberry and a clean cream accord.
(Butterbomb, perfume oil, whipped soap)

Blueberries awash with white vanilla sugar, cream and a sprig of white thyme.
(Butterbomb, perfume oil, whipped soap)

Sweet mango, coconut infused rice and toasted sesame.
(Butterbomb, perfume oil, whipped soap)

Creamy chai tea, with mandarins and burnt myrrh.
(Butterbomb, perfume oil, whipped soap)

The essence of our whipped soap, free of fragrance and colorants.
(Whipped soap)


New Perfume Made for You - Restock News! March 21 2013, 4 Comments

Long awaited new single notes for Perfume, Made for you! Read on for restock information as well...



Springy, green and fresh. Sap like. (Middle note)

Sweet and tart! (Middle note)

If you're familiar with our "white" notes in White Raspberry and White Blueberry, you'll love this one. It's a creamy, clean and faintly sweet. Pairs well with fruits, musk, amber and wood - but don't let that limit your imagination! (Mid-Base note)

A fresh but candy like grapefruit note. Mouthwateringly delicious. (Top note)

Super juicy ripe pear. This note is dead on and true, it's fantastic. (Middle note)

An unusual wood note.  This isn't like the typical nasal decongestant that many associate eucalyptus with. This is clean, cool, smooth and woody. Pairs well with green notes, citrus, fruits, resins and herbs. (Mid-Base note)

Simple bitter chocolate. This accord utilizes cocoa c02 extract. (Middle note)


Restocks! We will be adding in some 2oz Pumpkin Butters this afternoon, along with Butterbomb restocks. Lip Balms have been set back due to a delivery mishap. They gave us our caps yesterday, but not the tubes! Those will be restocked tomorrow.


Spring Release Date & Preview March 11 2013, 2 Comments

Spring release on March 17th at Noon PST


Cool fresh mango cream, Tunisian orange blossom absolute, black ginger to ground, splash of green tea and a soft squeeze of lime juice. (Pumpkin Butter, Whipped Soap, Sugar Exfoliant, Perfume Oil, Bubbling Scrub)


The break of waves, gurgling sea foam, kelp, rain tinged air, sand smoothed driftwood and wild sage. (Pumpkin Butter, Whipped Soap, Sugar Exfoliant, Perfume Oil, Bubbling Scrub)


Flushed, but demure. Fresh milk, clean linens, pale musk and pink sweetpea blossom. (Pumpkin Butter, Whipped Soap, Sugar Exfoliant, Perfume Oil, Bubbling Scrub)


Well worn leather, dirt n' dandelions, carrot, a pinch of tobacco and a light sheen of feral skin musk. (Pumpkin Butter, Whipped Soap, Sugar Exfoliant, Perfume Oil, Bubbling Scrub)


Fresh strawberry, green patchouli, rose geranium and crushed violet leaf. (Pumpkin Butter, Whipped Soap, Perfume Oil)


Mangosteen, Tahitian vanilla bean, dragons blood resin and faded tropical blooms. (Pumpkin Butter, Whipped Soap, Perfume Oil)

Chocolate Orange
Vanilla Mint
Coconut Chai
Strawberry Lime
Black Raspberry Cream
Exotic Rose
Mango Cream

Strawberries n' Cream
Green Forest
Orange Blossom Bee Hive
Lavender Tea


Good Morning Monday - 05 February 25 2013, 4 Comments

Looks like I'm finally settling into a good work schedule, that first week was a bit bumpy! I finally sat down and worked out a weekly schedule for myself, just yesterday. I also did Spring production planning and finalized two new Spring scents!

I'm getting right to the chase here, I have lots and lots of Bubble Scrubs to make after this blog post. I'm restocking the entire general catalog today, hopefully. So, here's what's happening this week at the Haus!


  • General catalog Bubble Scrub restocks, today.
  • Valentines products being marked down today.
  • Wednesday/Thursday general catalog Pumpkin Butter and Body Emulsion restocks.
  • Spring production begins Friday! Newsletter/blog post soon.


That's all guys. I'm off to start whipping up some scrubs! 

Have an excellent Monday everyone :)

Moving updates and news! February 21 2013, 3 Comments

Hey guys! It's been a bit quiet around here lately, due to the move and us getting settled in. I've finally got my area set up and functioning. I had to wait for the plumber to install my sink before I could begin any serious work. And hopefully we'll get our heat fixed soon, because it's super cold in the warehouse, it makes working kind of uncomfortable.


At any rate, I do believe that things will be officially settling in this week and we can get back on a normal scheduled. So, as always, I will be working on restocks for Valentines and General Catalog and in the meantime, also working on Spring products! There will be lip balms, butter bombs and new Spring single notes for Perfume Made for You. I know, Winter notes fell through and I'm sorry! Between the move and general craziness, I just never found the time to finish it.

What I am really excited about when it comes to future releases, is now that we have the bigger and more efficient space... There will be more stock and a whole lot less of items selling out instantly. This makes me really happy, because I hated that many of you would have to wait for restocks to finish your orders.

So, be on the lookout for restocks over this week and weekend!

Thank you all for being patient with us during this time of transition. We'll be back to full operations very soon!

Good Afternoon Tuesday - 04 February 12 2013, 1 Comment

Hi everyone! It's been pretty hectic around here. We had family in over the weekend and that kept us pretty busy.

I'm keeping this short and sweet...

  • We will be doing restocks on all Valentines products this week.
  • We will be moving into our new warehouse this week.

And that's all. I won't be working on general catalog restocks until we are in the space. It's going to be a crazy weekend trying to get in there! So, with that, I leave you with lots of pictures of the warehouse! We're so excited to get in there. I can't wait for the dust to settle and get EVERYTHING restocked. 

This is the reception room. There's a pond just out across the parking lot. Lots of ducks and herons hang out there! There's another office off to the right. I think we'll be keeping the soap in the right hand office because it'll have better climate control.

The room on the right.

The large bay door on the other side of the warehouse.

And looking back down from the bay door. Floors need a good scrub and lights replaced. My production area will be along the right, and Matt's area, along the left.

Hooray, a bathroom! :P

That's all I've got for now. I hope you all have a wonderful week!

Views from the Haus - 03 February 07 2013, 3 Comments

 Hi everyone! Just got back from a walk/run using my C25K app, it was a tough one, (and I feel like a total wuss) but I did it! I think I came down with a little bug yesterday. I was feeling like death last night when I went to bed, but I felt much better this morning. 

On to pictures...

Winter blooms. I don't know what sort of flowering bush this is. It's one of the things I adore about the Pacific Northwest... it may be winter, but it's still green and there are some flowers to be found.

This was last summer at the Portland Rose Gardens. You should definitely go if you're in the area. I think seeing those beautiful little purple flowers had me lusting for warmth. As much as I enjoy wearing lots of layers in fall and winter, I am a spring/summer girl at heart. This particular rose was just stunning though, and had a rich lemony scent to it. 

My little Toki boy. He gets so grumpy and needy during the winter. He loves to spend time out on our wooden deck, but will refuse to go out if it's even the slightest bit damp, or windy. It's hard explaining to him that I don't control the weather and I can't make it stop raining.

 My new Pony Brown planner! I have a bit of an obsession with Korean stationary. At any rate, it's ridiculously adorable and I love using it. 

Unfortunately, I can not recommend this. It was quite brassy and metallic in flavor. I haven't yet found a good peach cider, but I'm always willing to try 'em.


This I can recommend! It's really lovely. The flavors are subtle, but oh-so delicious. It's the kind of tea you constantly inhale as you sip. And who can say no to an adorable tin like that? I certainly couldn't.


I adore this ring. I've had it for well over 3 years now and the blue flash of moonstone never fails to mesmerize me. I picked it up from Lyndsay, over at Idle Hands Designs. Go check her out!

This was tasty! It was a spicy tasting lavender and quite good.

A very rare moment on Tri-Met, a totally empty MAX. It was very nice while it lasted.

Shortly after we signed the lease for the new Haus Headquarters! I've waited for this moment since our little business began, and I can't tell you how exciting it is to have finally reached this moment.


Seafoam green nails with a coat of Essie As Gold As it Gets, on top. I really love doing a pastel color with the gold flecked coat on top, it looks all magical like.


That's it for this week! I imagine next week will be rife with pictures of us moving into the space. I can't wait! It's really weird, but I am actually looking forward to having a little commute to work (2.5 mile walk. Mmm, exercise!), and packing lunches. Anyhow, I'm off to make lots of soap. 

 Have a fantastic Thursday everyone!

Good Morning Monday - 03 February 04 2013, 9 Comments

Not quite morning, but almost afternoon here! It's been a pretty busy morning. I woke up early and decided to (once again) begin my Couch to 5k program on my smartphone. So, I went out and did a brisk walk and run. It felt pretty darn good. Thankfully my legs didn't take too much of a beating, all my kettlebell lifting has paid off ;) I'm pretty determined to stick with the running... I keep telling myself, 'Do, or do not. There is no try.' Thanks Yoda.

So, on to more important things...


    • We are currently doing our best to maintain restocks, stuff is selling out fast though! Especially that Come Hither. I don't think it was very popular last year, so it really came as a surprise to see it selling out left and right. We have a shortage on 6oz jar lids and 2oz jars right now, so we are unable to restock most items for the time being. They've been on order as of yesterday, so they should be showing up soon. 
    • We didn't get to sign the lease for our space last Friday. I guess there was something going on with the property management and they rescheduled with us. We go in tomorrow at 5pm and get our keys! Finally. Now we need to start making preparations on moving in. No date on that yet, but I will surely keep you updated on that development. I sense that lots of pictures will be taken.
    • Also, Perfume, Made for You has been fixed and single note descriptions are up as well. That means that I will officially be getting on those new notes! Now that those are back up and running, I am going to be doing a weekly blog post showcasing a weeks worth of custom perfumes. So expect to see your creations and fellow customers blends right here!

    So, I think this week we'll be busy with the space and since we have the jar and lid shortage I'll be working on soap. I need to tend to soap badly right now as it is. Troika has been selling like mad. I already need to do another batch. There's just something about a simple bar of white soap, I suppose.


    I did want to ask all of you a question. What kind of content would you like to see on the blog, besides what I'm already generating? Do you have any topics you'd like me to cover? It can be Haus related business, or general life at the Haus. I'd like to know what interests you.

    Have a fantastic Monday everyone and I look forward to hearing from you! And I'll be leaving you with a little Mrs. Doyle from Father Ted...

    "Never you mind. There's nothing wrong with it that can't be fixed with a bit of, you know what, in the head department!"


    Views from the Haus - 02 January 31 2013, 4 Comments

    It's morning here. Overcast, but no rain! It had been raining straight for about three days, I'm very grateful for the break.

    On to pictures...

    A lovely custom blend. Sandalwood and Orange Blossom has to be one of my most favorite fragrance pairs.

    I got this adorable bento box for Christmas. Now that we're going to be moving into a new workspace that requires a small commute, I have every excuse to pack myself lunches with this little guy! Super excited. I've been pouring over this site for bento ideas.

    Oh Butterbombs! They sold out almost instantly. I had to make double batches for you fiends ;) Top is Sea Salt Brownie and bottom is A Simple Rose.

    Snack time.

    I feel very blessed to live close to a long trail network. It had once been a railroad track. The forests around it are protected and you'll find adorable houses nestled in along the trail. There's also quite a few ancient volcanic cinder cones that are now forested buttes that hug the area we live in.

    Moar Butterbombs! I can't make enough of 'em.

    A tiny robins egg blue espresso cup :3 I wanted to buy it, but I have no use for it. Ikea is about two MAX transfers away from my house (about a 40 minute ride) and it's pretty nice if you want to wander around aimlessly looking at furniture and lights... And spoting the inevitable couples having arguments over what to buy, hah.

    Marshland out by the airport. When you ride the MAX out that way (it's near Ikea), occasionally you'll get a hawk, or a small falcon fly next to the speeding train. It's always a special and fascinating sight.

    World Market! It's always a fun place to find interesting snacks and do-dads. We ran in there after we had finished up at City Hall getting our commercial business license, which we were totally approved for that day! Also, I love my Spiewak jacket. I've been living in the damp Willamette valley for almost 5 years and I didn't get an actual winter rain coat until late last year!

    Bento Plus, my new favorite place to get some noms. They're a bit tucked away and I didn't even know they existed until just recently. It's run by an adorable older Japanese couple, and I love how cozy they've made the place.

    Alright, that's all I got for this week. Tomorrow we sign the lease for our new space! I'm so, so excited. This means we'll be able to keep better stock, make MORE stock of products and just run more efficiently.More on that soon! I hope to snap lots of pictures of the space when we get our keys tomorrow. Now, I'm off to make butters and scrubs. Have a wonderful Thursday everyone :)

    Good Morning Monday - 02 January 28 2013, 6 Comments

     Good morning everyone! Or afternoon/evening, where ever you might be.

    I wish outside looked like this picture does right now... I took this a few days ago on a foggy morning walk. The sun was spilling through the trees, it was pretty magical.

    So yesterday was pretty crazy! The Valentine's release on the new website went off with some issues, but we got those ironed out. It was a pretty stressful morning, hah. I know checkout wasn't the easiest, and we're working on making that better. We are currently waiting for our direct credit card processor to be approved, I'm thinking that will come in sometime this week. That'll make checkout much easier for you guys and hopefully dramatically decrease the level of cart lifting. 

    Currently we are working on getting the Perfume Made for You back up. I'm thinking it'll still be a few more days and in that time I'll be working on getting the new wintery notes in there. If you need one, email us and we can work out brewing one up for you :)

    Butterbombs sold out super fast, too! I'm going to be working on double restocks starting hopefully tonight, if not, o'dark thirty Tuesday morning.

    So, here's what you can expect this week from the Haus, picking up from what didn't get done last week...

    • Troika product restocks.

    • Fixing Perfume Made for You, so that it's available for purchase. 

    • Butterbomb restocks!

    • Soap production for the rest of the general catalog begins.

    • Spring planning. Yep, it's already that time.


    Alright, I've got to prepare myself to head down to city hall and discuss a commercial business license and permits for our eventual new space. Which we are incredibly eager to get in to. I'm so excited to have a bigger, more efficient workspace!

    Thank you so much everyone for being patient with us this release. I know it was a bumpy start, but I can promise you it'll be better in the future.

    I leave you with some epic Vanilla Fudge...


    Have a good Monday everyone!

    Views from the Haus - 01 January 24 2013, 10 Comments

    Playing around with a new feature here, a weekly Instagram photo roundup! Ever since I got my smartphone I've been an Instagram fiend. It's incredibly convenient to snap pictures of my daily doings, I figured I'd let the blog have a little of the action too.

    Tree stump fungus. It was growing along the entrance to my local trail.

    We had some epic fog last week. It came in fast and blanketed the area... Sometimes you'll find thick spots of mist, looking like spirits amongst the trees.

    Absinthe soap! Looking mighty fine, if I do say so myself.

    A rare clear skied day. We paid for it by it being bitterly cold!

    My current hair battle. I want white! The filter tones down the yellows I have up front. I've been washing out the purple with violet toning shampoos, they're slowly doing the trick. If my ends make you curious at all, it's old henna from when my hair was much shorter. I bleached over it (only do this if you've used PURE henna!) when I began to dye my hair purple and it has remained a dark wine red ever since.

    Some lovely custom perfumes going to their homes. I really love doing the Perfume, Made for You! It's always excited getting to see people express their desires in scent form.

    Train ride home from a busy day of errands and grocery shopping.

    This probably sounds a little pathetic, but this was the first time that I had successfully curled my hair, ever. Haha. I was so proud of myself. I have spent most of my life being a bit of a tomboy. Now at 27, I think I'm finally growing out of it... just a little bit. ;)

    On my walk just this morning, along Johnson creek. It was incredibly foggy out.


    There's lots of scrubs to made and work to get done, so I'm off.  Oh, and if you'd like to follow me on Instagram, click here. Have a fantastic Thursday!


    Valentines Release Collection January 22 2013, 9 Comments


    Valentines goes live January 27th, Noon PST.


    Here we are everyone... The Valentine's Day collection!

    • We are hoping to have the new website live by the release, so things may look different while shopping!
    • Tonic #2 took a backseat this year, it wasn't very popular. So I worked on a Tonic #3 instead.
    • Like last year, Come Hither is in leave on products only due to it's costly ingredients.
    • For those of you curious about our Bath Bombs, they will be an Etsy item only for the time being due to their production rigors. I actually strained my arm pretty bad while hand-pressing them! They will be showing up in the shop in a few days time.
    • Annnd the first round of general catalog soap restocks will be along with this update! You can check our cure date page for more information.


    Based off of traditional herbs and roots used in Hoodoo to draw and attract a lover, or entice the one you've already ensnared! Bourbon vanilla, tonka bean, a touch of rose oil, Queen Elizabeth root, three threads of saffron and a bit of honey to sweeten the whole deal. (Perfume oil, Pumpkin Butter)


    Clean sun dried linens, tuberose, ginger lily and white musk. (Perfume oil, Bubbling Scrub, Emulsifying Scrub, Pumpkin Butter, Whipped Soap)


    Perhaps the first stirrings of the spring to come. Warm sakura blossom green tea with the tiniest droplet of plum juice, red mandarin and crystallized jasmine essence. (Perfume oil, Bubbling Scrub, Emulsifying Scrub, Pumpkin Butter, Whipped Soap)


    A mahogany box filled with chocolaty orbs, coated in crystallized coffee - filled with a pomegranate and raspberry filling. Who needs love when you have something this decadent? (Perfume oil, Bubbling Scrub, Emulsifying Scrub, Pumpkin Butter, Whipped Soap)

    TONIC #1

    Californian lemon, Mexican lime, parsley and dandelion greens. (Perfume oil, Pumpkin Butter, Whipped Soap)

    TONIC #3

    A clean and green blend of: parsley, peppermint, howood, petitgrain, kaffir leaf, bergamot and dry gingergrass. (Perfume oil, Pumpkin Butter, Whipped Soap)



    Toss these little scoops in hot bath water for a fizzy, slightly foamy and decadently moisturizing bath. Crumble under running bath water for best results!


    Reminiscent of warm milk, aromatic rice and burnt sugar.


    Blueberries awash with white vanilla sugar, cream and a sprig of white thyme.

    TONIC #3

    A clean and green blend of: parsley, peppermint, howood, petitgrain, kaffir leaf, bergamot and dry gingergrass.


    Bitter chocolate accord with supporting notes of cocoa c02 and a gentle touch of coffee co2.


    Bulgarian rose absolute supported by Egyptian geranium in a base of amyris wood.


    Good Morning Monday - 01 January 21 2013, 7 Comments

    Good morning everyone! It's 8am and surprisingly clear outside right now and I am trying to rev my engines up with some peppermint yerba mate. Feeling a bit groggy this morning due to sugar withdrawals. About a week ago I began a much more strict diet - ruling out processed foods and most of all... Sugar! Sweet treats, coffee with sweet creamer (kill me) and basically anything with added sugar. I have a pretty bad addiction, and as much as it literally pains me to break my sugar habit, I know it'll be best for me in the long run.

    But enough of that chatter. Our Facebook poll closed last night on the naming of our most recent bath product. While Bath Truffle came in super close, Butterbomb is the winner! Just in time too, because we'll be taking labels down to the printers today. Hopefully I can resist the temptations of Fat Straw and not get a lychee bubble tea while I'm down there... But hey! I've been good for a week now and you can't torture yourself, right? Heh.


    (We'll be selling these little guys individually, wrapped in foil for protection.)

    Well, it's time for me to cut this short, I have a ton of errands to run! Here are some things you can expect to see this week from the Haus.

    • Possible new website? 

    • We're working on it! Valentine's Day release newsletter! 

    • New wintery single notes for PMFY

    • Restocks on Troika products! (Butters and scrubs)

    Oh! And I just got off the phone with a local warehouse property management. We have a showing late this afternoon to view a few 1500sf spaces to potentially move the business into. Yes, expansion! Wish us luck.


    Have a happy Monday everyone!


    Soap Pot 01 - Avocado, coconut, aloe. January 15 2013, 2 Comments

    I spotted some pure coconut and aloe water in a local health food store a little while ago. Needless to say it got my soap making wheels turning. I thought it would make a luxurious liquid to soap with. Not stopping there, I picked up my favorite brand of coconut milk and a fresh avocado, also for soap!

    Here we have the lye solution all mixed up, cooled and ready to go.


    I also had some fresh aloe in the kitchen that I picked up at an Asian food market. Naturally, this had to get soaped as well. I trimmed off a small one inch chunk, peeled and diced the gel.

    Once I added the lye to the precisely measured oils, I used my handy stick blender and mixed until the raw soap came to trace. At this point, I went ahead and added my diced aloe, avocado and super creamy coconut milk - blending until completely incorporated. I added a wee bit of French green clay for color and of course I had to scent this bordering on edible soap up! I wanted to evoke something clean and fresh, but creamy, because of the addition of avocado and coconut... I formulated a blend of pure essential oils: Parsley, local peppermint, howood, petitgrain, kaffir lime, bergamot and dry gingergrass. It's a tad sharp on the nose when you smell it freshly blended, but once soaped, it takes the edge off and becomes quite creamy.

    In the mold it goes!

    I really like to gel my soaps, I just love the mild translucency you get. Gel phase is when the lye and oils begin the magical process of saponifying. This creates heat and you can encourage this heat by keeping your soap mold in a warm place. I like to use the oven at the lowest temperature and I pull it out once it has completely gelled up.

    Here we are! All gelled up.


    And our final product, an insanely luxurious bar of soap!

    This batch of soap will be available in our Etsy shop once it has cured up. Thank you for reading and looking!

    Soap restocks are soon! January 09 2013, 0 Comments

    Just a quick announcement! Soaps will be back in stock very soon. We are shooting on - or after the Valentines release to begin restocking. These are our new updated soaps, so they'll be looking a little bit different than what you are used to. I am also pleased to announce that they are at a lower price point as well! To accommodate the changes in the bar size, they will now be $5 for a 4oz bar.

    Currently curing are (from left to right), Honey Tree, Satyr, Absinthe, White Amber, Troika and Litchi Milk Tea. All of our other soaps will be added as they are made and cured, between Valentines and mid-February.

    I've got a few super limited soaps that will be in the Etsy store in a few weeks as well, more on that later! ;)

    Tub stuff. December 21 2012, 7 Comments

    Hey everyone! We got back into Portland very, very late on Monday. Had a fantastic visit with my family, it was a good time. Caught the Hobbit with them while I was there, and loved the movie. It was just great! I only managed to snag a pictures of my mother and sisters! The boys were off doing their own thing... Yes, my family is huge.

    (Left to right: Tess, me, mom, Leia and little Lily!)


    Before I left I had been playing around with bath bomb recipes and a cocoa butter based fizzing bath confection. Naturally, I took photos! Ever since we had to discontinue our legendary Bath Dust (due to a discontinuation of a necessary ingredient), I've really, really been wanting to offer another bath time product. I think these are really fun, the bath bombs. Their potential for a different variety of looks, colors, designs is very exciting!

    This is an experimental "cookie." It's basically a very moisturizing bath fizzy. I still haven't quite figured out how I would like to shape them. Large cookies, small cookies? Small balls, logs? I don't know yet! They're really mold-able before they set up. I'm thinking that I may go the route of small sized cookies, because I have found they're wonderful to toss in with the combination of a bath bomb, for a more moisturizing bath.

    As for our bath bombs, well, they're quite simple! They have a touch of butter added to them, so they're moisturizing.We're using the same biodegradable shrink wrap we use on our soaps to wrap them, and I must say, I love the highly visible clear packaging!

    We haven't quite set a street date on these and we're still working on some packaging solutions for the "bath cookie" as well as names for these items. It was asked on Facebook what kind of scents these two products would run in and so far, we're thinking we will be doing these as Reverie style items. We'll be keeping all of you posted on the development of these guys. I'm really excited to be offering them in the future!

    Tell us what you think!

    Haus goes on holiday and Etsy comes back! December 07 2012, 4 Comments

    Hi everyone! Some Haus news ahead. But first: This holiday season has been awesome and we have each and every one of you to thank for that, so thank you!

    The shop will be closed Dec. 12th-18th while we visit family for the holidays. After that, we'll be open and back to work. Right after the 25th we will be opening the Etsy shop to sell off overstocked items, ranging from previous seasons Limited Edition items, rare perfumes and Reverie overstock items. These are items that will not be restocked! Another word about Etsy is that we will eventually be stocking it with rare, limited and prototype items from time to time. It'll be a bit like an open test kitchen, where you can test out and try products we aren't quite ready to put in with our full line-up of products on our direct retail site. It's going to be fun! So instead of my test soaps piling up on a shelf, they'll be made available to you... and lots of other interesting products!

    (An orange blossom wax test soap)

    I've also been hard at work testing out a silicone free Pumpkin Butter and a propylene glycol free Whipped Soap formula. I am very happy to say I think we've struck gold in that endeavor!

    (Propylene glycol free whipped soap!)

    And we will also be rolling out a few wintery single notes for Perfume, Made for You.

    (Juicy sweet pear, a future single note.)

    More on those new developments, later! I hope you all have a fabulous weekend ?

    Winter Reverie is coming to the Haus! November 20 2012, 3 Comments

    Monday the 26th at Noon PST.

    Our Winter Reverie is coming!

    There will be lots of whipped soaps up for grabs this round. A couple of notes before we get into the good stuff... Boreal will be perfume only this year, due to the overwhelming requests to bring back and expand upon Rosy Cheeked. The reason for this is because Boreal and Rosy Cheeked are actually quite similar in composition and Boreal is a much more delicate and expensive blend to produce, thus making it better suited to perfume. It's a great companion scent to Rosy Cheeked, alone or layered!

    Enough talking! On to the goodies...


    Sugary white vanilla divinity with a surprising jolt of peppermint. (Whipped soap, perfume oil, Pumpkin butter)

    A simple cup of hot cocoa with a few mostly melted marshmallows. (Whipped soap, perfume oil, Pumpkin butter)

    Bright pink grapefruit, fir needles, juniper berries, rosemary, a sprig of parsley and frosted winter lilies. (Whipped soap, perfume oil, Pumpkin butter)

    GLOGG v2.0
    Cheerful red wine, spiked with Yule spices, fermented berry juice and vanilla bean! (Whipped soap, perfume oil)

    Rich brandy soaked spice cake filled with candied citron, pecans, candied cherries and pineapple. (Whipped soap, perfume oil)

    Pale lily, South African eucalyptus, white champa, petitgrain, white grapefruit, rosemary and a bit of white cocoa co2 to take off the bite. (Perfume oil)

    As winter draws near, the sun begins to wane and grow ever dim. Chrysanthemums, bone white sandalwood, dusty beeswax and juniper berries. (Perfume oil)

    Yule is coming to the Haus! November 09 2012, 1 Comment

    Yule goes live this Saturday at Noon PST!

    Yule is finally upon us...

    Thank you all for being so patient with the delay on our soaps! You'll find them this Saturday, along with a little surprise ;) On to the goodies!


    Three Treasures

    Sacred gifts of frankincense, myrrh and gold. Smoldering with warmth and brightened with a touch of mandarin rind. (Soap, Pumpkin Butter, Bubbling Scrub, Emulsifying Scrub, Perfume oil)

    Snow Wolf

    Bristling and prowling, lonesome and haunting. Three howling firs, white frankincense, vanilla bean husk, tainted by droplets of blood cedar. (Whipped Soap, Pumpkin Butter, Bubbling Scrub, Emulsifying Scrub, Perfume oil)


    The warm glowing center of home. Autumns last apple pickings, warm bread, orange rind, various fire roasted nuts, cracked black pepper all nailed down by an oozing sticking benzoin. (Whipped Soap, Pumpkin Butter, Bubbling Scrub, Emulsifying Scrub, Perfume oil)


    The Haus 'nog! Cream, sugar and a shot of dark rum topped with fresh grated nutmeg. (Whipped Soap, Pumpkin Butter, Bubbling Scrub, Emulsifying Scrub, Perfume oil)

    Sweet Potato Treat

    The epitome of holiday comfort food: Sweet potatoes with mild spices, butter and brown sugar baked off with marshmallows. (Whipped Soap, Pumpkin Butter, Perfume oil)

    Rosy Cheeked

    Bright pink grapefruit, fir needles, juniper berries, rosemary, a sprig of parsley and frosted winter lilies. (Handmade Soap, Perfume oil)


    Brown sugar, black treacle, oats, a peculiar blend of white spices tossed with roasted nuts and coasted in the lightest of icings. (Handmade Soap)

    Plotters Breakfast
    Oatey porridge, stove smoke, kindling wood, a hint of gunpowder and pinch of sweet pipe tobacco. (Handmade Soap)

    Fancy Bread

    Ripe banana, roasted nuts, brown sugar folded into a delicious quick bread. (Handmade Soap)


    We look forward to seeing you this weekend! Enjoy :)



    A Fancy Plotters Parkin! October 18 2012, 3 Comments

    Hey everyone! It's that time of year again... fall is in full swing and that means our mini fall/winter release is right around the corner!

    (Top to bottom: Fancy Bread, Plotters Breakfast, Parkin)

    Parkin will be returning along with Plotters Breakfast and a few addition to the family, Fancy Bread.

    Parkin: Brown sugar, black treacle, oats, a peculiar blend of white spices tossed with roasted nuts and coasted in the lightest of icings. (Perfume, Bubbling Scrub, Emulsifying Scrub, Pumpkin Butter, Handmade Soap)

    Plotters Breakfast: Oatey porridge, stove smoke, kindling wood, a hint of gunpowder and pinch of sweet pipe tobacco. (Perfume, Bubbling Scrub, Emulsifying Scrub, Pumpkin Butter, Handmade Soap)

    Fancy Bred: Ripe banana, roasted nuts, brown sugar folded into a delicious quick bread. (Perfume, Bubbling Scrub, Emulsifying Scrub, Pumpkin Butter, Handmade Soap)

    This absolutely delicious trio will be available in all products except whipped soap. With this release we'll be presenting our soap in their new incarnation! Weighing about 4oz each, they're absolutely decadent and incredibly rich. All soaps contain heaping dollops of coconut cream. Parkin has added molasses. Plotters Breakfast, a whole 22oz bottle of Ninkasi Otis Oatmeal Stout (a local brewer!). And Fancy Bread has a whole ripe banana added to it! Super delicious soaps! These soaps will be available along with our winter release, these guys need to cure up just a little more before we sell them!

    Remember all these products will remain up through the winter release as well! So there will be plenty of time to snag these lovelies up :)

    Release is this Sunday at Noon, PST!

    Have a fantastic weekend!

    Lan Su Gardens. August 29 2012, 4 Comments

    Matt decided to surprised me with a trip out to the Chinese Gardens recently. It was a welcome respite from the chaos that ensues after our biggest release of the year, Fall!

    I'll be honest, I actually prefer the Chinese Gardens over the Japanese Gardens. Not to say that the Japanese Gardens aren't wonderful! I just found this visit to be a little bit more interactive, aromatic and relaxing. Getting to the Japanese Gardens from deep Southeast Portland is quite the hike. Plus, at the Lan Su gardens you're close to delicious vegan noms (they have a massive all vegan menu, it's mind boggling) and the age old Portland attraction, Voodoo Donuts. On to the pretties...


    The view from the tea shop is excellent! You can see city hawks circle over head, territorial hummingbirds scrapping with each other from the treetops, jays being their usual obnoxious selves.

    We had an osmanthus green tea, and the other I think was called jade pearl. The osmanthus was fantastic, I can't help but love most floral teas.  Yummy lychee snacks too. Hm, osmanthus green tea and lychee? Plus the woody smokiness of the tea house... perhaps a new scent coming on!

    This guy mast have been the king of the koi pond. He was gargantuan!

    And that's all! If you're ever in this neck of the woods, it's definitely worth the $9.50 that it costs to get in. I foresee many cozy visits this winter tucked up in the second floor of the tea house.



    Queen Mother: what's her deal, anyway? August 27 2012, 1 Comment

    We've had lots of questions about Queen Mother this year, so I figured I'd elaborate on the topic a bit...

    Firstly, I did not expect return requests for her this year! Which is why we did not have any in stock for this year. Lesson learned: Bottle her up every year!

    For those of you who did not get to experience Queen Mother last year, the concept behind it is taking the last bits of Pumpkin Queen, adding oils that age well (ie. patchouli, orris) and tucking it away in a dark cool place for an entire year before offering it in very limited quantities. Our blend from last year was:

    Queen Mother I

    Last years Pumpkin Queen oil with 5 year aged patchouli, jasmine essence and the blackest vetiver, co-distilled with honeysuckle blossom.


    Each year this blend will be different. For some reason, I can't quite remember why I didn't tuck away a bottle for this year. I suppose I didn't think it would be very popular. At any rate, rest assured, she'll be back next year for sure!

    Fall is coming to the Haus! August 09 2012, 5 Comments

    Fall release is set for August 19th! A couple of things before we move into the line up...


    • We've got a brand spankin' new fall scent: Spider Silk. It's a light, ethereal blend. The one I've been aching to get right for years!
    • Old Cider Haus and Ghost Puffs have been upgraded to our core line up this fall due to their popularity last year. So, you'll be able to find those scents in our full range of products, with the exception of our soap.
    • We have a ton of new single notes we'll be adding to the Perfume, Made for You section. We'll be making that a permanent fixture to the website, with a seasonal rotation of single notes!  Thank you for all of the fantastic autumnal suggestions over on the Facebook page :) Notes and descriptions TBA.
    • Whipped soaps! We know you're all very excited to have them back, but we must wait for temperatures to drop nationwide before we go back into production. We're hoping that mid-September will be safe and we'll be doing a huge restock with lots of extra goodies.
    • Candy Bowl perfumes and seasonal lip balms will be returning too!


    Pumpkin Queen

    Gentle hay pillows, pumpkin, ripe peaches dusted with clove and nutmeg, dried summer herbs, and lastly, a glowing crown of amber.  (Soap, pumpkin butter, bubbling scrub, emulsifying scrub, perfume)


    Freshly turned earth, wet leaves, and a cool spectre ridden wind! (Soap, pumpkin butter, bubbling scrub, emulsifying scrub, perfume)

    Old Cider Haus

    Old oak, sweet drying hay fields, crushed apple pulp and vanilla bean husks. (Whipped soap, umpkin butter, bubbling scrub, emulsifying scrub, perfume)

    Ghost Puffs

    Buttery popcorn and marshmallow goo orbs, presented on a wooden stick. (Whipped soap, pumpkin butter, bubbling scrub, emulsifying scrub, perfume)

    Spider Silk

    Procured from a dream: delicate water mint, wispy grey musk, crystalline webs of amber, oakmoss, torchwood, copaiba resin, and a touch of withered violet leaf. (Whipped soap, pumpkin butter, bubbling scrub, emulsifying scrub, perfume)


    Pumpkin Eater

    Cream, glowing pumpkin, rich vanilla bean and the tiniest touch of nutmeg butter. (Whipped soap, pumpkin butter, perfume)

    Saft Ernta

    A merry drink of harvest and glowing with warmth: Peach juice simmering with sweet spices, pumpkin, silken hazelnut cream and made completely curious with a drop of orange blossom water. (Whipped soap, pumpkin butter, perfume)



    You've been bewitched! Brackish amber, aged vanilla bean and three dark fruits, veiled in darkness and otherworldly secrecy. (Perfume only)

    Red Roan

    Fresh strawberry flecked porridge with maple syrup and adulterated with a splash of white cognac. (Perfume only)


    Black fig, golden honey, saffron threads and Indian agar musk. (Perfume only)


    Pumpkin Cheesecake
    Hazelnut Latte
    Caramel Apple
    Spun Sugar
    Peach Milk
    Butter Pecan
    White Rose & Red Current
    Banana Bread


    Caramel Apple
    Cake Pops
    Licorice Chews
    Coconut Bon Bon
    Lemon Drops
    Candy Corn
    Pink Bubble
    Bloody Marshmallow

    Thank you everyone, we look forward to enjoying Fall release with you all!