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Summer musing. July 02 2013, 8 Comments

Hi friends! Just touching base with y'all. We've been taking it easy the past few days due to a heatwave. Riding our bikes into work gets us super sweaty later in the day, so we've been hitting the office during the coolness of the very early morning and only staying for a few hours. There's been a LOT of custom perfume work this week, which is nice because things have been rather quiet around the Haus. It usually is during the middle of the summer. A wee little break before the oncoming craziness of fall and the holidays! Today Matt and I are working around the house and taking care of some domestic chores. I'm having a late morning coffee break and figured I'd catch all of you up with what's been going on.

I've been plotting out our pre-fall Reverie release (which is going to be super awesome!) and our full Halloween lineup. I've been inspired by a natural area I like to visit during the late summer/early fall dry phase, right before the fall rains hit. Huge walnut orchard, with wild pear trees and the sweet smell of dry grass. It'll be very harvest themed. Faded perfume, pears, wild nuts and apples, antique lace, sweet grass, dried herbs and... cornbread! I'm really excited about it. You'll see a lot of return scents for the full Halloween release, and it's gunna be HUGE! Old favorites like, Ghost Puffs and Pumpkin Queen will be around for sure. I have a few new scents in mind. Something smoky and leathery, that'll really round out our fall offerings I think.

Our beautiful and very popular Butterbombs will be coming back too. Along with a brand new product that I've been using myself for quite a while now, hair oil! Made with virgin argan oil and lots of lovely extracts. We haven't quite decided what scents we'll be offering them in, but we are very excited to be releasing this new product. It'll be affordable as well. I think a lot of the high end hair oils out on the market are ridiculously over priced. And I almost forgot! Our newly formulated propylene glycol free whipped soap will debut with the Halloween release as well.

Well, that's all I have for now. I hope that all of you have a lovely and safe Independence Day! We're hoping it's kind of quiet, the cats get so scared of the fireworks. The old lady cat takes to hiding under the bathroom sink!

Thanks for reading all!


Good Morning Monday - 01 January 21 2013, 7 Comments

Good morning everyone! It's 8am and surprisingly clear outside right now and I am trying to rev my engines up with some peppermint yerba mate. Feeling a bit groggy this morning due to sugar withdrawals. About a week ago I began a much more strict diet - ruling out processed foods and most of all... Sugar! Sweet treats, coffee with sweet creamer (kill me) and basically anything with added sugar. I have a pretty bad addiction, and as much as it literally pains me to break my sugar habit, I know it'll be best for me in the long run.

But enough of that chatter. Our Facebook poll closed last night on the naming of our most recent bath product. While Bath Truffle came in super close, Butterbomb is the winner! Just in time too, because we'll be taking labels down to the printers today. Hopefully I can resist the temptations of Fat Straw and not get a lychee bubble tea while I'm down there... But hey! I've been good for a week now and you can't torture yourself, right? Heh.


(We'll be selling these little guys individually, wrapped in foil for protection.)

Well, it's time for me to cut this short, I have a ton of errands to run! Here are some things you can expect to see this week from the Haus.

  • Possible new website? 

  • We're working on it! Valentine's Day release newsletter! 

  • New wintery single notes for PMFY

  • Restocks on Troika products! (Butters and scrubs)

Oh! And I just got off the phone with a local warehouse property management. We have a showing late this afternoon to view a few 1500sf spaces to potentially move the business into. Yes, expansion! Wish us luck.


Have a happy Monday everyone!


Tub stuff. December 21 2012, 7 Comments

Hey everyone! We got back into Portland very, very late on Monday. Had a fantastic visit with my family, it was a good time. Caught the Hobbit with them while I was there, and loved the movie. It was just great! I only managed to snag a pictures of my mother and sisters! The boys were off doing their own thing... Yes, my family is huge.

(Left to right: Tess, me, mom, Leia and little Lily!)


Before I left I had been playing around with bath bomb recipes and a cocoa butter based fizzing bath confection. Naturally, I took photos! Ever since we had to discontinue our legendary Bath Dust (due to a discontinuation of a necessary ingredient), I've really, really been wanting to offer another bath time product. I think these are really fun, the bath bombs. Their potential for a different variety of looks, colors, designs is very exciting!

This is an experimental "cookie." It's basically a very moisturizing bath fizzy. I still haven't quite figured out how I would like to shape them. Large cookies, small cookies? Small balls, logs? I don't know yet! They're really mold-able before they set up. I'm thinking that I may go the route of small sized cookies, because I have found they're wonderful to toss in with the combination of a bath bomb, for a more moisturizing bath.

As for our bath bombs, well, they're quite simple! They have a touch of butter added to them, so they're moisturizing.We're using the same biodegradable shrink wrap we use on our soaps to wrap them, and I must say, I love the highly visible clear packaging!

We haven't quite set a street date on these and we're still working on some packaging solutions for the "bath cookie" as well as names for these items. It was asked on Facebook what kind of scents these two products would run in and so far, we're thinking we will be doing these as Reverie style items. We'll be keeping all of you posted on the development of these guys. I'm really excited to be offering them in the future!

Tell us what you think!

Queen Mother: what's her deal, anyway? August 27 2012, 1 Comment

We've had lots of questions about Queen Mother this year, so I figured I'd elaborate on the topic a bit...

Firstly, I did not expect return requests for her this year! Which is why we did not have any in stock for this year. Lesson learned: Bottle her up every year!

For those of you who did not get to experience Queen Mother last year, the concept behind it is taking the last bits of Pumpkin Queen, adding oils that age well (ie. patchouli, orris) and tucking it away in a dark cool place for an entire year before offering it in very limited quantities. Our blend from last year was:

Queen Mother I

Last years Pumpkin Queen oil with 5 year aged patchouli, jasmine essence and the blackest vetiver, co-distilled with honeysuckle blossom.


Each year this blend will be different. For some reason, I can't quite remember why I didn't tuck away a bottle for this year. I suppose I didn't think it would be very popular. At any rate, rest assured, she'll be back next year for sure!

What's been going on... June 12 2011, 4 Comments

The inventory kept me nice and busy last week. We implemented a new inventory system and recipe keeper, Soapmaker over those three days. I'm not totally done getting everything in there, but I got the big chucks taken care of.

I'm knee deep in Halloween scent blending and as I type I've got bits of coffee, popcorn and cotton candy wafting around me! It's a little hard trying to get into the fall mood when its been absolutely glorious and warm outside lately. I deviated a bit from the fall blending and have a few mid-summer Reverie items brewing and stewing. You should be able to find them when we put up the last round of White Raspberry soaps ;)


Time for random things!


Matt bought me some stargazer lilies. They're in the kitchen and releasing a most wonderful creamy fragrance.

I rescued this fuchsia from our neighbor who had set it out to die. It needs to be re-potted, but it sprang back quite well! Can you see the hidden face?

Back to blending and soaping. I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend!

What's been going on... June 03 2011, 6 Comments

Thank you everyone for an amazing summer release! You guys have kept Matt and I very, very busy to say the least. Over the next few weeks we'll be restocking limited editions, general catalog and I'm currently in the blending and testing phase of Halloween scents as well!

This is mostly a touching base kinda post, nothing very specific that I want to say. On to the random notes!


I kicked off June with the decision to go raw for an entire month (and longer if I can keep going!). I've done it once before and it felt amazing. A very lovely customer suggested some raw eating themed posts and I couldn't agree more. So you'll see be seeing some of that this month. Lots of food!



Copper tubs. It'd be dreamy to bathe in that's for sure, but a total pain to clean and polish!