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Good Morning Monday - 06 April 22 2013, 0 Comments

Good morning everyone! The morning started off cold and misty, but the sun has risen and evaporated all the fog to reveal perfectly clear skies. This whole week should be relatively sunny. I'm super excited because the weather has been a little too cool and dark for my liking recently. I hope the ground dries up enough so that I can work in the yard and get our garden going. Can't wait to start growing some food!

sunlight in the borage

On to business...

Lots and lots of restocks last week and over the weekend. All general catalog Bubble Scrubs, Emulsifying Scrubs and Pumpkin Butters have been restocked! Spring items have been marked down, too.

My focus this week, is all soap. My plans are to have everything in stock by the time the summer release rolls around, May 12th. I think this is very doable. I'm exited too! I don't think I'll have been this caught up with production in... well, forever. That's the power of having our new work space. Efficiency!

(Imp soap, fresh out of the mold)

(Elevenses in the mold)

We currently have Apothecary, Elevenses, Imp and Honeysuckle Lemon Curd curing up! Today I'll be working on Lavender Sugar and Insalata Nocturna.

That's all for now. I'll be keeping you all posted with lots of soap photos this week.


Good Morning Monday - 05 February 25 2013, 4 Comments

Looks like I'm finally settling into a good work schedule, that first week was a bit bumpy! I finally sat down and worked out a weekly schedule for myself, just yesterday. I also did Spring production planning and finalized two new Spring scents!

I'm getting right to the chase here, I have lots and lots of Bubble Scrubs to make after this blog post. I'm restocking the entire general catalog today, hopefully. So, here's what's happening this week at the Haus!


  • General catalog Bubble Scrub restocks, today.
  • Valentines products being marked down today.
  • Wednesday/Thursday general catalog Pumpkin Butter and Body Emulsion restocks.
  • Spring production begins Friday! Newsletter/blog post soon.


That's all guys. I'm off to start whipping up some scrubs! 

Have an excellent Monday everyone :)

Good Afternoon Tuesday - 04 February 12 2013, 1 Comment

Hi everyone! It's been pretty hectic around here. We had family in over the weekend and that kept us pretty busy.

I'm keeping this short and sweet...

  • We will be doing restocks on all Valentines products this week.
  • We will be moving into our new warehouse this week.

And that's all. I won't be working on general catalog restocks until we are in the space. It's going to be a crazy weekend trying to get in there! So, with that, I leave you with lots of pictures of the warehouse! We're so excited to get in there. I can't wait for the dust to settle and get EVERYTHING restocked. 

This is the reception room. There's a pond just out across the parking lot. Lots of ducks and herons hang out there! There's another office off to the right. I think we'll be keeping the soap in the right hand office because it'll have better climate control.

The room on the right.

The large bay door on the other side of the warehouse.

And looking back down from the bay door. Floors need a good scrub and lights replaced. My production area will be along the right, and Matt's area, along the left.

Hooray, a bathroom! :P

That's all I've got for now. I hope you all have a wonderful week!

Good Morning Monday - 03 February 04 2013, 9 Comments

Not quite morning, but almost afternoon here! It's been a pretty busy morning. I woke up early and decided to (once again) begin my Couch to 5k program on my smartphone. So, I went out and did a brisk walk and run. It felt pretty darn good. Thankfully my legs didn't take too much of a beating, all my kettlebell lifting has paid off ;) I'm pretty determined to stick with the running... I keep telling myself, 'Do, or do not. There is no try.' Thanks Yoda.

So, on to more important things...


    • We are currently doing our best to maintain restocks, stuff is selling out fast though! Especially that Come Hither. I don't think it was very popular last year, so it really came as a surprise to see it selling out left and right. We have a shortage on 6oz jar lids and 2oz jars right now, so we are unable to restock most items for the time being. They've been on order as of yesterday, so they should be showing up soon. 
    • We didn't get to sign the lease for our space last Friday. I guess there was something going on with the property management and they rescheduled with us. We go in tomorrow at 5pm and get our keys! Finally. Now we need to start making preparations on moving in. No date on that yet, but I will surely keep you updated on that development. I sense that lots of pictures will be taken.
    • Also, Perfume, Made for You has been fixed and single note descriptions are up as well. That means that I will officially be getting on those new notes! Now that those are back up and running, I am going to be doing a weekly blog post showcasing a weeks worth of custom perfumes. So expect to see your creations and fellow customers blends right here!

    So, I think this week we'll be busy with the space and since we have the jar and lid shortage I'll be working on soap. I need to tend to soap badly right now as it is. Troika has been selling like mad. I already need to do another batch. There's just something about a simple bar of white soap, I suppose.


    I did want to ask all of you a question. What kind of content would you like to see on the blog, besides what I'm already generating? Do you have any topics you'd like me to cover? It can be Haus related business, or general life at the Haus. I'd like to know what interests you.

    Have a fantastic Monday everyone and I look forward to hearing from you! And I'll be leaving you with a little Mrs. Doyle from Father Ted...

    "Never you mind. There's nothing wrong with it that can't be fixed with a bit of, you know what, in the head department!"


    Good Morning Monday - 02 January 28 2013, 6 Comments

     Good morning everyone! Or afternoon/evening, where ever you might be.

    I wish outside looked like this picture does right now... I took this a few days ago on a foggy morning walk. The sun was spilling through the trees, it was pretty magical.

    So yesterday was pretty crazy! The Valentine's release on the new website went off with some issues, but we got those ironed out. It was a pretty stressful morning, hah. I know checkout wasn't the easiest, and we're working on making that better. We are currently waiting for our direct credit card processor to be approved, I'm thinking that will come in sometime this week. That'll make checkout much easier for you guys and hopefully dramatically decrease the level of cart lifting. 

    Currently we are working on getting the Perfume Made for You back up. I'm thinking it'll still be a few more days and in that time I'll be working on getting the new wintery notes in there. If you need one, email us and we can work out brewing one up for you :)

    Butterbombs sold out super fast, too! I'm going to be working on double restocks starting hopefully tonight, if not, o'dark thirty Tuesday morning.

    So, here's what you can expect this week from the Haus, picking up from what didn't get done last week...

    • Troika product restocks.

    • Fixing Perfume Made for You, so that it's available for purchase. 

    • Butterbomb restocks!

    • Soap production for the rest of the general catalog begins.

    • Spring planning. Yep, it's already that time.


    Alright, I've got to prepare myself to head down to city hall and discuss a commercial business license and permits for our eventual new space. Which we are incredibly eager to get in to. I'm so excited to have a bigger, more efficient workspace!

    Thank you so much everyone for being patient with us this release. I know it was a bumpy start, but I can promise you it'll be better in the future.

    I leave you with some epic Vanilla Fudge...


    Have a good Monday everyone!