Candy Bowl & Fall Single Notes August 24 2013, 2 Comments

Here's our newest round of single notes for our Fall season. Fall evokes strong gourmand scents for many, from hearth and home. For others, it's the scent of flame colored leaves and distant wood fire that stirs them. Or, dense rain fall in a coniferous forest. Whatever your nose desires, you can blend it up with our Perfume Made for You selection of single notes. Never hesitate to email us if you have any questions about the composition of your perfume!

Hazelnut Cream
Smooth, creamy and with a very slight boozy note, similar to that of an extract.
Sweet delicious pumpkin pulp!
Rich dry woodsmoke.
Leaf Pile 
Slightly green, dry leafy note.
Very tart, red and fruity.
Burnt sugar and butter folded in, topped with a little salt. Delicious and creamy.
Other notes to consider for your fall time perfume blending...


Brown Sugar



Dark Patchouli

Dragons Blood


White Oak

Spanish Moss





Candy Bowl


It's back!


Banana Taffy
Warm vanilla taffy with an artificial banana kick.
Blood Orange Marshmallow
Everyone's favorite! Blood orange infused in rich homemade marshmallows.
Candy Corn
Simple, but irresistibly delicious candy corn.
Caramel Apple
Sweet warm caramel and tart apple.
Coconut Bon Bon
White chocolate and coconut flake. This blend contains cocoa co2 extract.
Dainty Mints
Soft mint and buttery vanilla. This blend contains vanilla co2 extract.
Lemon Drops
Bright Californian lemon and pure cane sugar. Yum!
Peaches and Cream Gumball
A peachy and creamy chewable orb.
Pumpkin Cake Pops
Just that, lightly spiced pumpkin cake orbs with frosting.
Salty Caramel
Caramel flecked with coarse sea salt.
Sugared Roses
Red rose petals preserved in vanilla sugar. This blend contains Bulgarian rose absolute and vanilla c02 extract.
Vanilla Taffy
Simple taffy, vanilla flavored. This blend contains vanilla co2 extract.