New at the Haus: Hair Oils... August 21 2013, 4 Comments

 Hi everyone!

 Starting with the Fall release on August 25th, we will be offering our new Hair Oils. They will be in our whole range of General Catalog scents and will be offered in the current season of Limited Editions as well. We may offer them in some Reverie scents, it all depends on what kind of quantities of the fragrance we have on hand. These will be made to order which is why we are able to offer them in such a wide range of scents. These will be presented in a 2oz glass bottle with a glass dropper included.

 I decided to go with a silicone free formulation with these. You'll find lush and luxurious ingredients in our Hair Oil...

Fractionated coconut oil - A light, silky, non-greasy and highly stable oil. 

Camellia oil - A quick penetrating oil, high in essential fatty acids and naturally rich in vitamin e. Excellent for dry skin and hair. 

Virgin Argan oil (cold pressed) - The king of hair and skin oil! This extremely luxurious oil absorbs very quickly and leaves behind a nourished, silky and conditioned feel. Naturally occurring squalene is also present. This is an incredible emollient oil for dry, damaged hair and skin. 

Virgin coconut oil - Excellent emollient for skin and hair. Adds light sheen to hair and has wonderful conditioning properties. We use an edible grade virgin coconut oil, smells lush and rich of fresh coconut. Used at a low enough concentration so that it does not impart too much scent to the final product.

Daikon radish seed oil - Non-GMO, locally grown and pressed! This highly unique oil has a very similar feel to that of silicone, without being a silicone! It has a plush texture that leaves skin and hair silky soft. Despite it's slightly thick texture, it isn't at all heavy on the hair.  

Our blend also contains extracts of Orchid, Horsetail Grass, Lavender, Neem, Calendula and a healthy does of Vitamin E to help slow the oxidization of the oil.   


Here are some suggestions and tips for to get the best use out of this oil.


I recommend varying dosage of oil to certain hair types, experiment to see what works best for you! I would start off with 1-2 drops in the palm of your hand, rub them together to get your hands evenly coated. Then run your fingers through your hair, focusing on the length of the hair and the ends. If you feel that you need more, work in one drop at a time to find your perfect amount. If you have a very oily scalp, refrain from adding this oil to the roots of your hair, it will only add to oiliness. I find that I have the best results right after washing my hair and allowing it to air dry. I would not suggest using this oil right before applying a lot heat to the hair with styling tools. If you have very fine hair, oils may not work for you.


For me personally, I have very thick, long, color treated hair. So I use quite a lot of oil to cover my locks. I like to apply this just after washing, while it's still wet. I find if I do this a few hours before bed, I wake up with super silky hair. I have a lot of volume so I like to tame it down. I'm a little weird about my hair! I actually like to have it weighed down because it's just all over the place and a giant puffy frizz bomb if I don't. I will occasionally apply oil while it's dry too, generally at the tips. When I'm wanting to add a little scent to my hair, I'll stick with just one to two drops and smooth it through my hair. 


Don't limit this oil to your hair only! I have found it works amazingly as a hand, nail and cuticle oil as well as conditioning dry spots like my elbows. I actually use it before and after I hit the gym too. It keeps callouses I've developed while weightlifting from getting too painful and rough. It also absorbs quickly enough that I don't have to worry about a slippery grip on the barbell.


We're really excited about launching these and can't wait to be sending them out to all of you. Hit us up on any of our social media outlets if you have any questions!