Free Sample Of The Week, Eucalyptus Wood July 25 2013, 7 Comments

Hey everyone! Each week we will be highlighting a single note from our Perfume Made for You selection. All orders over $25 will receive that week's highlighted single note. This freebie is an addition to the free perfume sample we give out with all orders.

This week's highlighted single note is...



Eucalyptus Wood


Sourced from South Africa, this is an altogether different wood note. Our Eucalyptus Wood has none of the menthol notes of traditional Eucalyptus, nor is it camphorous. This is a cool, soft, dry and slightly balsamic woody note, it must be experienced to be understood. It blends well with all floral and wood notes and as a matter of fact, I can't really think of anything this essential oil wouldn't blend well with. If you're looking for cool and smooth, this note could be your new best friend.