This Weeks Free Sample: Kaffir Lime Leaf. July 17 2013, 1 Comment

Hey everyone! Each week we will be highlighting a single note from our Perfume Made for You selection. All orders over $25 will receive that week's highlighted single note. This freebie is an addition to the free perfume sample we give out with all orders.


This week's highlighted single note is...




Kaffir Lime Leaf

An intensely green, exotic, spicy, citrusy note.  


Kaffir Lime Leaf is often used in Southeastern Asian cuisine. This unusual note is a bit of an acquired taste, but it blends beautifully with all citruses and with rich woods, such as Mahogany and Sandalwood. This note has an interesting aspect of heat about it, so if you are looking for an exotic warmth to your blend, you may want to consider using this oil. Other notes that would blend well are, Dragons Blood, Clean Musk, Green Tea, Frankincense, Coconut and all herbal notes such as Sage, Thyme, etc.  


Stay tuned! Each week we will be rotating in a new sample.